Haunted places on campus (part 1 of 2)


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(Disclaimer: All the places, names and quotes are used fictitiously. None of this is real — absolutely none of it.)

Though there are many modern buildings on campus, UC at Berkeley has its roots in the past, having been established along Strawberry Creek in 1868. Some alums can recall when there were disputes about the newly renovated Memorial Stadium being built on sacred burial grounds. Any student at Berkeley can attest to being caught on campus alone when the Campanile tolls late into the night. We’ve all be scared to death by finals. We’ve all trudged across campus laden with study materials, sleep-deprived and overcaffeinated at some forsaken hour before dawn. Who lived in Berkeley before the university was founded or what the town was like in the time of the gold rush, most of us undergrads don’t know …

A number of students have described several sites on campus as “freaky” and “spooky,” so we at the Clog took it upon ourselves to visit them with flashlights and second-by-second status updates. This is our report.

1. The corridor between Moffitt and Main Stacks. Though jokingly reported as a rite of passage, this site is creepiest at night. Unfortunately, it is the only way to access Main Stacks at night. Narrow corridors with wide windows make for the perfect setting for someone to see a ghost in a pale reflection.

2. The Eucalyptus Grove. It begins with a rustling in the shadows of the night. What follows is the thought, “I shouldn’t have taken this shortcut through the Eucalyptus Grove,” as the rustling gets louder and more unified in all directions. Some swear that it’s only the sound of Strawberry Creek gurgling. Others say it’s the movement of nocturnal critters. One student insisted that it was the wind. But the rumors of the city maintain that the noise can be made by one creature and one creature only: Squirrelzilla.

3. Dwinelle Hall. Dwinelle is a nightmare. Designed as a labyrinth, all the hallways look the same. Some freshmen are forced to major in history, language and cultural studies or theater because they get trapped inside there forever. The maps posted in the halls lead to secret rooms and passageways that are marked with riddles whose answers are the room you wanted to go to originally. Word on the street is that a crypt of squirrel bones runs beneath it … and, late at night, when no one is supposed to be there, all the lights are on. Why? Because it is haunted.

Have you encountered any haunted spots here in Berkeley? Let us know in the comments!

Image Source: ereneta under Creative Commons

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