Editors’ note

Your first steps onto the Cal campus mark the beginning of a new adventure, yet your path is uncharted.

It’s hard to know exactly what course your college experience will take in just your first few days here. The options are, admittedly, overwhelming.

The great challenge at UC Berkeley is figuring out how to spend your years. And the difficulty is more than just choosing a major — no one is going to double-check that you read that book for your English class or even that you bothered showing up for lecture. You can decide to stick with your high school extracurriculars, or you can try something new.

You have an opportunity to create your own personal legacy. These four (or three or five) years are a chance to be the person you want to become while preparing for the “real world.”

We hope that as you traipse across Memorial Glade or climb the hill to Northside, you have an opportunity to create your own personal path across Cal. Most of your experiences will be trials by fire. Sometimes you may make the wrong turn and lose your way in Dwinelle. But if you get lost, just look up. The Campanile will always be there, pointing the way back home.

— Chloe Hunt and Megan Messerly

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