Late August: what to do if you are still waitlisted


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The academic year is about to start, and if you’re finally off the waiting lists, we extend our sincere congratulations! We’re also extremely jealous. For those of you who just happen to be really unlucky with Tele-BEARS this time around, you’re probably still feeling a little bit anxious just waiting and waiting and waiting. But perk up, because The Daily Clog has your back! Although it seems like there’s not much to do, here are four things to keep in mind if you’re still No. 15 or something:

1. Come up with a backup plan. You never know when you just have to throw in the towel. However, if dropping that particular class is going to mess with a certain number of units you need to qualify for something, like financial aid, consider taking another class. If you don’t think you can handle another four-unit course load, don’t forget about the DeCals!

2. Keep an eye out for any important emails. This is around the time when someone will tell you something. It might be instructions on what to do if you still want to get into a class, or it might just be strong words of encouragement to drop the class. If you really need to get into this class or lab, make sure that you know the instructions and follow them. Also remember that you shouldn’t feel like you have to beg to get into a class — you do have the option to drop it if you think you still have the option of taking it at a later time. If you’re over the waiting, there’s nothing wrong with a last-minute change of plans.

3. 10 percent rule. This is an important rule of thumb, people! For example, if a class has around 500 spots and you were put in the top 50, you have a really good chance of getting into the class. If you’re not making the 10 percent mark, however, your chances of getting into the class aren’t looking so swell. You also want to remember that we’re currently in the adjustment period. This means that, for whatever reason, you can go ahead and sign up for 20 units. Usually, people do this to keep their options open and will eventually drop at least one class — you never know when this is going to be working in your favor!

4. Eat something unhealthy and yummy. We all deserve a stress-relieving break.

Have any tips on how to deal with still being on the waiting lists at this time? Share with us in the comments!

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