CREAM delivery and other essential ways to celebrate your birthday in Berkeley

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If you’ve ever had a birthday come around at Cal, you’ve probably had friends ask you, “What do you want to do? It’s your birthday, so we’re gonna do whatever you want to do today!” This probably led you to realize that you really had no idea what to do. Fortunately enough for you, we at the Clog have some very useful tips for the next time that this happens.


CREAM. Duh. DUH. If you didn’t know that this was going to be on the list, shame on you. You can definitely always count on CREAM’s ice cream sandwiches to properly celebrate any kind of event. On your birthday, head to CREAM with some friends, get CREAM to cater a birthday party or even get it delivered to you! That’s right. Did you know CREAM delivers? If you ever want to get something delivered, call CREAM and ask for delivery. It works. Yeah, we know what you’re thinking. It really is a beautiful world that we live in.


Head to North Berkeley. North Berkeley, especially the Gourmet Ghetto, is a perfect place to escape from the super busy, super crazy, super congested atmosphere on Southside. The area’s relaxed environment is a perfect place to bring your friends, have dinner and dessert and celebrate the fact that you were born. There are countless places to grab food, including Crepevine, Cheese Board, Gregoire, Love at First Bite and Lush Gelato. On weekends, restaurants in the area will have live jazz bands playing, setting the perfect mood for a fun, chill and comfortable birthnight.


Party, party, party. This tip is a pretty versatile one, especially since the definition of “partying” tends to vary from person to person. On your birthday or birthday weekend, you could go out to Frat Row and get your dance on. You could go out to the co-ops and get your dance on. Or you could go to your best friend’s apartment and get your dance on. Or you could just not get your dance on at all, if that’s your style. Grab some board games, watch some movies or just get high off of life. Whatever it is that you do, remember to surround yourself with the people you love.


Image source: (cover) Will Clayton under Creative Commons, Arya Aliabadi from The Daily Californian, angeloangelo and Demi-Brooke under Creative Commons

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