First Fridays: A photo essay

This past Friday, I attended Oakland’s arts street fair, First Friday. At the beginning of each month, Telegraph Avenue (from West Grand to 27th Street) is filled with art, music, food, open galleries, performers and vendors. Someone suggested that I attend, so with an open mind and my camera in hand, I hit the streets.

It was just a simple bart ride away to be completely immersed in so many forms of art and culture, with inspiration everywhere I looked. The events that I experienced ranged from live Graffiti artists, a virtual interactive maze, an outdoor comedy club, to a fashion show for tuxedo clad 7-year-olds. But what I found most fascinating was the wide array of attendees, from so many different facets of life, who were all there to see and be a part of art.

The close proximity of a free event filled with so much art and culture should not be passed up. Although it took me a year to find First Friday, it will definitely be on my calendar for the months to come.


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  • chirisdex

    It was just a easy bart drive away to be absolutely engrossed in so many types of art and lifestyle, with motivation everywhere I seemed. The activities that I knowledgeable varied from stay Graffiti performers, a exclusive entertaining labyrinth, an outside funny team, to a style display for tux dressed 7-year-olds. But what I discovered most amazing was the extensive range of participants, from so many different aspects of lifestyle, who were all there to see and be a aspect of art.

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