Quiz: Can you name that DeCal?

DeCals are a great way to get extra units and study something you’ve always been curious about. They give you a chance to explore quirky and ultra-specialized topics that you never would have made time for without some sort of incentive. And DeCal topics can definitely get pretty specific. We’re sure that you’ve scrolled through past listings of classes, stopped, moused over one in particular and thought, “Wait, reallyThat’s actually a thing?” So we thought we’d test your DeCal-identifying skills with a little quiz. See how well you know UC Berkeley’s DeCal culture by looking at each pair of DeCal titles and identifying the one that actually exists. May the odds be ever in your favor.

1. League of Legends Game Theory or To Infinity and Beyond: The Evolution of Pixar?


Answer: League of Legends Game Theory

2. TeaCal: A Full Tea Leaf Experience or The Merits of Being a Grammar Nazi?


Answer: TeaCal: A Full Leaf Tea Experience

3. Scrabble DeCal or Pokemon Academy 4?


Answer: Both!

4. Introduction to the Harmonica or All of Time and Space: A Doctor Who DeCal?


Answer: All of Time and Space: A Doctor Who DeCal

How’d you do? What DeCals do you wish existed? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Source: mrwynd, raneko, Maks Karochkin, Eli Reusch, Chie Gondo, Jonathan Colman, Boyce Duprey, Steven Depolo under Creative Commons and Fotor

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