UC Berkeley graduate poses for Playboy’s Pac-12 pictorial

RESIZED Playboy October 2013
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Take a moment to think about what words might come to mind when you think about Berkeley. Prestige, maybe? Partying, perhaps? Politics, even? Well, what about … Playboy?

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Alice Ohtsuki, clothed. Courtesy of Playboy/Jared Ryder.

Playboy’s college issue feature includes former UC Berkeley student Alice Ohtsuki — who graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in theater and performance studies — as part of the “Girls of the Pac-12” October spread. Although we can’t publish the photo here, we wanted to give you a brief description on what you are missing out on. Ohtsuki is being gleefully held up by a bear (who looks nothing like Oski, in our opinion) while wearing only her shoes. She’s also wearing the typical hipster glasses.

Having last released a similar pictorial under the “Girls of the Pac-10” back in October 2010, the girls are back proving that college students certainly do have much more to offer than just brains.

However, what shocked us the most here at The Daily Clog was that the 26-year-old graduate had not only bared her buns for Berkeley, but she’d also become besties with the enemy — a girl from Stanford also appearing in the October issue. (Although, thankfully, not on the same page!)

This isn’t the first time UC Berkeley has exposed its “inner beauty” in the magazine. In 2010, former UC Berkeley student Ophelia Shalott posed for the magazine. While some viewed her presence in the pictorial as #breakingstereotypes and exemplifying that women can be both smart and sexy, others saw the piece as giving into superficial ideas that good looks and an even better body are what society really cares about.

If you managed to grab a copy, let us know your opinions.

Should UC Berkeley students be known for their capacity to bare their minds as well as their bodies? Did you already Facebook-stalk Alice Ohtsuki? And does this mar UC Berkeley’s reputation at all? Let us know!

Will you pick up a copy of the October issue?
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