6 lies UC Berkeley students tell

We’ve always been told to tell the truth, but sometimes a little white lie goes a long way. And, sadly, we students lie a lot more than you might think. Do you instinctively tell your GSI, “Yes, I did do all the reading,” even though you only skimmed the first and last pages? Do you automatically defer to lies when faced with tough questions like, “Why didn’t you reply to my text?” or, “Do I look fat in these jeans?”

We at the Clog have compiled a list of six of the most common lies students tell.

1) “I didn’t get the email”


It’s the easiest excuse in the book to get out of doing something you know you were either not prepared to do or didn’t want to do.

2) “I’ll be there in five minutes!”


Whether you are just getting out of bed or halfway down getting ready, when someone calls and asks where you are, the answer always seems to be, “I’m on my way!” You’ll tell your friends, “Just give me five minutes,” knowing full well it will take you another half hour to get there.

3) “I’m not drunk”


We all know you’re drunk. And when you see the pictures tomorrow, you’ll know you were drunk too.

4) “I’m not going to spend money this week”


And then you pass by Yogurtland and Chipotle and your resolution suddenly dissolves.

5) “Sorry, I’m going to be studying all day today”


Studying all day? More like, “Sorry, I’m going to be laying in bed all day watching “Breaking Bad” and eating Nutella straight from the jar.”

6) “I’ll go to the RSF later”

And by “later,” you mean “next week.”

Image Sources: Tulane Public Relations under Creative Commons, aboardthehotmessexpress, ermahgerdsomeoneactually, thehopelessgraduate, youarethe1ilove, bodaciousdream and grishmisha

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