5 moments when you realize, coffee loves me!

Josh Escobar/Senior Staff

1. It’s the evening before a midterm, and you need to get through the last episodes of “Breaking Bad” before you can focus and really study. So you go down the street and order a cup of coffee.

2. It’s a grand sunny morning in Tuscany. After brushing your teeth you sit down at the kitchen table with your home-stay family. Breakfast is a croissant stuffed with orange jelly. On the stove, in an upright metal pot boils the espresso, enough for everybody.

3. It’s late afternoon and you’re done with classes. You’re half-tired, half-awake, which is good because you have so much work due tomorrow. “I always have work, yet I always get so much done,” you think while sipping a mocha cappuccino.

4. Iced coffee – better than chocolate milk, anytime, any day.

5. It’s still too cool and dusky outside until you have that first full drink of coffee before class at 8 AM. Then it’s a brisk, resplendent morning on October.