Constantly bothered while walking through Sproul?


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You’re in a hurry using your precious Berkeley Time to grab a Peet’s white mocha before class only to be interrupted by an extremely involved Cal student on Sproul. He or she asks for a minute of your time, but you know this will end up taking at least 15. If you’re not in the mood to listen, try these methods to avoid getting sucked in.

Put your headphones in.

Headphones in

The unwritten rule of “headphones in, conversation out” is often honored by even the most persistent flier pushers on Sproul. It doesn’t matter if you’re jamming out to Bach or Tupac — just turn up the volume and keep on walking.

Talk on the phone.

talk on the phone

Your mom always complains that you never call her enough, so why not catch up with her on the way to class? Talking on the phone is one of the best way to avoid other conversations without seeming rude. And your mom will likely appreciate the phone calls.

Talk with a friend.


Tap into your social side and grab a buddy to walk to class with. While walking across Sproul, pretend to be in a really intense conversation with him or her. No one would be rude enough to interrupt that intellectual exchange.

Stare at the ground.

Stare at the ground

If you can’t see them, they can’t see you, right? If you look like you don’t want to have a conversation, flier distributors might be dissuaded from trying to engage you.

Alternatively, walk with so much confidence people are intimidated to talk to you.

Megan Fox

Ain’t nobody got time for more fliers. Walk with purpose, and people will be less inclined to get in your way.

Do the Jenna Marbles face.

jenna face

For more information on how to do this face, watch her video.

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