Skipping class? These 3 types of people should


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We’ve all been there. We all understand the perpetual struggle of going to an undesirable class at an undesirable time (we’re talking to you, Math 1A). Even though UC Berkeley students do not always love attending class, we usually end up going because, deep down in our hearts, we know it’s the right thing to do for our education, future, parents and bank accounts. If you are one of these types of students, however, you should consider not going to class (trust us — not only are you not learning, but you’re preventing others from learning as well).

1. The kid on Facebook.

We at the Clog are close to obsessed with social media, especially Facebook. If you are going to scroll mindlessly through your news feed for an hour and half or stalk an old friend, however, you might as well stay at home. You will gain absolutely nothing from sitting in stuffy Wheeler Auditorium if you thoughtlessly look at Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for all of lecture.

2. The kid studying.


In general, studying is a good thing. If you are going to study for a class during the lecture of another class, however, your time would be better spent walking to the library to study. Studying for a cognitive science midterm is hard if you are listening to Robert Reich talk about the financial disparities between the rich and the poor, and you’ll be hard-pressed to learn about economic inequality if you are rifling through your cog sci notes.

3. The kid talking.


We at the Clog love to chat about the most recent episode of “Breaking Bad” (small applause for the brilliance of this late show) or our favorite new Essie nail polish color. Despite our love of small talk, we also know how to focus and pay attention in class. If you are going to sit and talk to the person next to you for the entire lecture, please do not go to class and force us innocent bystanders to listen to your mindless conversation about the weather. Go to Caffe Strada to chat, not 225 Dwinelle.

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