‘Tis the season? 5 holiday-season struggles for UC Berkeley students

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Turkey dinners, gift shopping, baking, festive parties and daylight saving time are just some of the things that make the holiday season the best time of the year. But for the average college student, the holiday season doesn’t always go so smoothly. Here are five holiday-season struggles Cal students share:

1. Gaining even more weight
At this point, you’re probably well on your way to gaining the freshman 15 — and by “freshman 15,” we mean the weight gain that seems to plague freshmen as well as sophomores, juniors and seniors. It’s understandable to gain weight from stress, eating chips or being on a meal plan. But gaining weight during the holiday season is almost inevitable. Although we’d love to give some advice on how to avoid falling into several food comas this year, just remember there are thousands of us falling into them with you.

Time to bust out the fat pants!

Time to bust out the fat pants, baby!









2. Deciding to stay or go back home for Thanksgiving

If your family celebrates Thanksgiving with a full turkey, mashed potatoes and apple pie spread, going home is practically a given. But if Thanksgiving is just another Thirsty Thursday and an excuse to eat a lot of food, maybe you can pass up that plane ticket home and pocket the cash instead. Thanksgiving break is just four days, right?


Making a Thanksgiving dinner alone here in my apartment? No problem.

3.Buying gifts for everyone (even when you’re broke)

Holiday season is also the time when you realize everyone in your life is just too damn special.  Even if you were brave enough to endure Black Friday, you can only stretch $20 so far. If your bank account is looking woefully empty, opt for homemade crafts or baked goods to thank the people who have put up with you for another year.


I really, really shouldn’t be doing this. If only you people weren’t so damn nice to me.

4. Rain, and lots of it
So it hasn’t quite begun yet, but brace yourself for when it does. Here in Berkeley, when it rains, it pours — for weeks. Although rain isn’t that bad — it does make studying somewhat less horrible — it also may make you double the amount of money you spend on coffee every week.


Hmm … So that’s why we have so many coffee shops.

5. Holiday season or finals season?
It’s sad but true: For students, the holiday season always comes with tests and stress. But highlighting notes and doing problem sets just doesn’t seem as bad when you’re drinking a pumpkin latte or snacking on peppermint bark.


All I want for Christmas is a new set of highlighters.

What have been some of your holiday-season struggles as a college student? Share below!

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