The best laptops for college

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There’s one question every technophile seems to get from his or her friend: Which laptop should I get for college? That’s not really an easy question, though, because there are so many different answers. It’s like assuming that we should all drive one model of car or wear one brand of clothing. With that caveat in mind, we at the Clog present you a list of the best laptops you can buy for college. Pick one of these and you may not profess your endless love for it — but you won’t want to throw it across the room either.

Lenovo ThinkPad

For those that do. And yes, that's Lenovo's slogan.

For those who do. And yes, that is Lenovo’s slogan.

These things are legendary. Walk around any company or business firm, and you’ll see a bunch of corporate suits wheeling these things around. However, the things that make them so popular with business people are the things that also make them perfect for college students — they’re supremely comfortable to type on, for one. ThinkPads also carry a reputation for being very difficult to break: Short of slamming this thing against the wall, it can probably endure any Berkeley-induced rage you care to dish out (hello, TeleBEARS!). ThinkPads might be a bit heavy, but that’s the price you pay for a computer that could probably survive the zombie apocalypse. Your files are in good hands, friend.

Google/Acer Chromebook

Small, but mighty. Or at least cheap.

Small but mighty. Or at least cheap.

If you think about it, most computers are a colossal waste of money and equipment. You might buy a computer that can slice bread and think faster than you can … but what’s the point if you’re never going to use all those functions? Apparently, somebody at Google had the same complaint, because the Chromebook addresses this fully. It’s a computer that gives you access to the web and only the web — the computer is essentially a glorified web browser. And really, how much more do you need? It can’t run full applications, but if you’re an average user who only writes papers and uses email, a Chromebook does the basics just fine. And for $250? We challenge you to find a better deal.

MacBook Air

So expensive. Wah.

So pretty … so shiny … so expensive.

You might have the impression that we at the Clog are anti-Mac. We’ve called them overpriced and overhyped — most of them, anyway. But there’s one little guilty pleasure from Apple Inc. we still entertain, one soft spot for the house of Tim Cook that we still hold. And that, of course, would be the MacBook Air. You might wonder why everybody and his or her grandmother seems to use one of these things. It’s simple, really. The MacBook Air is the straight-A student of laptops. It does everything well. It’s extraordinarily powerful, built like a high-end watch and weighs next to nothing when you toss it into your backpack. It’s a very refreshing change from all of those giant laptops we see people lugging around. Is it expensive? You bet. All Apple products are. But it’s one of the only Macs we can honestly say is worth every penny — it’s as close as we’ll get to a perfect laptop. If you have some money burning a hole in your hidden Swiss bank account, we can’t think of a better use for it.

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