Top 25 posts of 2013

The top articles of 2013 included the Sep. 30 explosion, why asparagus makes urine smell funny, best and worst dressed in Oscars 2013, and the Spring Breakers movie review.
Seung Y. Lee/File
The top articles of 2013 included the Sep. 30 explosion, why asparagus makes urine smell funny, best and worst dressed in Oscars 2013, and the Spring Breakers movie review.

With 2013 nearly over, The Daily Californian decided to look back on some of the reasons saw an unprecedented number of visitors. From Jan. 1 to Dec. 28, recorded more than 4.1 million visits and 7.2 million pageviews. We aggregated our website’s 25 most-read posts to relive the hottest talking points in Berkeley, the surrounding communities and beyond. Thank you for your continued support, and have a happy new year!

1. UC Berkeley officials declare emergency after explosion by California Hall (News: Sept. 30)

Kelly Fang/Senior staff

Pageviews: 213,115
The story covering the explosion that occurred near California Hall in campus on Sept. 30 — which prompted UC Berkeley officials to declare a state of emergency — garnered more than 200,000 pageviews on the day of the explosion. It is, by a wide margin, the most-read article in history.

2. Fun food fact of the week: Why asparagus makes urine smell funny (The Daily Clog: April 17)

Livin’ Spoonful/Creative Commons

Pageviews: 86,428
It seems many people in the Internet genuinely wanted to know the answer to why urine smells funny after one eats asparagus. Consistently raking in thousands of pageviews every month since its publication, this post is a prime example of the influence of SEO and Google search.

3. Best and worst dressed at Oscars 2013 (A&E: Feb. 26)

Pageviews: 39,985
Not to be outdone by other outlets who were publishing their own “Best and Worst Dressed at Oscars 2013” posts, the Arts & Entertainment department published its own, attracting in nearly 40,000 pageviews.

4. ‘Spring Breakers’ exudes debauchery (A&E: March 17)


Pageviews: 34,015
A great film review in its own right, the “Spring Breakers” article skyrocketed to the top four most-read articles in 2013 thanks to its eye-catching featured image.

5. Get in on the secret: 11 Starbucks secret-menu drinks that will cure your cravings (The Daily Clog: Nov. 15)

Marco Paköeningrat/Creative Commons

Pageviews: 25,260

6. Kanye West’s ridiculously expensive plain white T-shirt is (sadly) a hot item (The Daily Clog: July 19)

Pageviews: 24,970

7. How does it work: A guide to lesbian sex (Sex Issue 2013: Feb. 13)

Pageviews: 22,700

8. UC Berkeley may combat grade inflation through new system (News: March 11)

Samantha Rosenbaum/Staff

Pageviews: 22,332
Grade inflation is on the rise for many universities nationwide, UC Berkeley’s stance to change its transcripts to better contextualize students’ academic achievements drew a variety of reactions.

9. The Red Wedding: Game of Thrones recap (A&E: June 8)


Pageviews: 22,184
“HOLY S***, WHAT THE F*** JUST HAPPENED?!,” indeed.

10. Asking for it (Opinion: Apr. 2)

Pageviews: 21,918
Former Sex on Tuesday columnist Elisabeth Bahadori eloquently dissects the finger-pointing mentality toward rape victims.

11. Your 4th of July fireworks guide for the Bay Area (The Daily Clog: July 3)

D.H. Parks/Creative Commons

Pageviews: 19,856

12. How I came to love group sex (Opinion: Oct. 8)

Pageviews: 19,443

13. Cookie Butter is the new Nutella (Eating Berkeley: Oct. 16)

14. UC Berkeley admits only one student to the class of 2017 due to ‘budget cuts’ (The Daily Clog: April 1)

Hailey Simpson/Staff

Pageviews: 18,277
April Fool’s!

15. 40 more signs you went to UC Berkeley (The Daily Clog: Aug. 5)

Arya Aliabadi/Staff

Pageviews: 18,088
In response to this Buzzfeed article, The Daily Clog added 40 more signs you were or are a Golden Bear.

16. A dummy’s guide to winning gun control debates (Opinion: June 10)

Pageviews: 17,697

17. President Obama interrupted by former UC Berkeley student senator at immigration speech in San Francisco (News: Nov. 25)

Carli Baker/Senior staff

Pageviews: 16,359
Former ASUC Senator Ju Hong grabbed President Obama’s attention — and shortly after, the national media’s — by interrupting his speech to ask the president to take more action on immigration.

18. UC Berkeley sophomore Maliq Nixon dies at 19 (News: Sept. 23)

Pageviews: 16,158

19. Anal play for all (Opinion: March 12)

Pageviews: 15,886

20. ASUC Senate passes Israeli divestment bill SB 160, 11-9 (News: April 18)

Henry Ascencio/Staff

Pageviews: 13,893
SB 160, an ASUC bill seeking ASUC and UC assets to divest from companies affiliated with Israel’s military, passed after a dramatic, emotional night that carried on for 10 hours.

21. Off the beat: The feminist conundrum (Opinion: May 13)

Pageviews: 13,544

22. Updates and reactions to campus explosion and evacuation (News: Sept. 30)

Pageviews: 12,806
The Storify feed helped aggregate all updates and reactions from social media during and after the Sept. 30 explosion on campus.

23. UC Berkeley trumps Stanford in worldwide university reputation ranking (News: Mar. 4)

Pageviews: 12,714

24. Bomb squads investigate 2 incidents in Berkeley; campus’ southern entrance briefly closed (News: Oct. 28)

Alexander Turney/Staff

Pageviews: 12,714

25. ASUC Election 2013 results: CalSERVE takes 3 of 4 partisan executive seats (News: April 18)

Tony Zhou/Senior Staff

Pageviews: 10,702