Artichoke Basille’s brings New York pizza to Berkeley

Spandana Singh/Staff

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The Melt and the Asian Ghetto have grown to be all-time UC Berkeley student favorites, but recently another establishment has emerged, taking Southside by storm. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, which opened late last semester on the corner of Durant Avenue and Bowditch Street, is a pizzeria that quickly gained popularity in Berkeley for its large slices of uniquely flavored pizzas that are available early in the day until late into the night.

Basille’s enters Berkeley with a lot of competition for college students’ pizza cravings. There are seriously so many pizza places in and around Berkeley, adding up to about 50 different choices if you look at Yelp. From the convenient Fat Slice on Telegraph Avenue to the Cheese Board Collective on Northside to Cheese Board imitator Sliver located Downtown, there is so much pizza to be eaten. However, Basille’s opportune location right down the street from Units 1 and 2, combined with the establishment’s unique artichoke pizza, definitely caters to a huge student population.

Artichoke pizza

Artichoke pizza

Depending on the day, Basille’s offers pizzas such as vodka tomato squares, crab pizza, meatball pizza, pepperoni pizza, the standard Margherita pizza and the chain’s renowned signature dish, the artichoke pizza. Slices are $4.50, which is pretty decent considering the size of each serving. We found one slice of Basille’s made a great college student dinner. Most pizza is taken to-go, given the small size of the joint, although if you do want to eat in, there is a small amount of standing room with counters (if you really feel the need to put your pizza down).

Meatball pizza

Meatball pizza

Interestingly, Artichoke Basille’s originated on the streets of Manhattan, when Francis Garcia and Sal Basille opened their first location on 14th street in 2008. Since then, the establishment has branched out and grown to include other locations around New York City, where it has garnered the affection of celebrities like Leighton Meester and Drew Barrymore, as well as critics from the New York Times, the New York Post and many more media platforms. This past fall’s opening marks Artichoke Basille’s touchdown on the West Coast, with potential expansions into San Francisco, Davis and Southern California on the horizon, if business in our collegiate town goes well. Given it’s popularity here in Berkeley, expansion looks likely.

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  • Ben Parker

    The Pizza is ok, but I’m boycotting this place because the manager threatened me for talking on my cell phone while ordering pizza. I’m just lucky I wasn’t hurt. The guy looked like he wanted to harm me and was irate. I am not sure if this comment will be allowed or not, but I think other Cal students should know for their own safety. (note: I already got this addressed with the appropriate people including the head of Artichoke Pizza in NYC. The person I talked to in NYC was reall nice and helpful.)