National Frozen Yogurt Day is Feb. 6; here are awesome discounts and free yogurt


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On Feb. 6, students across the nation will be celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day.

There’s not an official agreement on when the holiday started or even when it should occur, but most agree it’s fitting that the hot trend for a cold sweet would have its own holiday. To celebrate the favorite of many college students, we’re collecting the best yogurt-related discounts and treats around Berkeley.

Yogurtland is celebrating with special promotions all week until Feb. 7. Anyone who joins its Real Rewards program — which assigns points for every ounce purchased — will receive six ounces of free yogurt. Menchie’s is celebrating with a coupon on its Facebook page for six ounces of yogurt free all day Feb. 6.

Frozen yogurt is a relatively new dessert. It first appeared in the 1970s and gained popularity in the 80s as a so-called healthier alternative to ice cream. Frozen yogurt is generally thought of as a healthier treat, but we know that depending on what you top it with, it might not be so healthy after all.

Regular yogurt is much older than our favorite frozen variety and was probably made by accident. The word “yogurt” is Turkish in origin, and it was Turkish immigrants who brought it to North America. Then, in 1947, Dannon introduced the iconic yogurt cup with fruit on the bottom.

Since then, the probiotic-filled treat has grown in popularity with many different forms: regular, mousse, Greek and, of course, frozen.

Yogurt has also reached Super Bowl fame. For this year’s big game, Chobani Yogurt showed what happens when a hungry bear desperately wants yogurt but can’t find it.

How will you celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day?

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