Editors’ Note


One hundred and forty-three years ago, The Daily Californian was founded. That was a less obvious development than it may seem. In 1871, the New York Times was only 20 years old, Harvard and Yale had yet to establish papers and the Wall Street Journal was nearly two decades from hitting the presses for the first time.

Today, even as the media titans falter, this college paper continues to chug along. We’d posit to you that this turns out to not to be just a stroke of good luck. Instead, it speaks to the persistent relevance of college stories.

The Weekender is an online culture magazine with in-depth reporting, commentary and personal essays on the UC Berkeley community. We hope our content will illuminate the Berkeley experience. We want to hear your stories.

We hope to capture that special energy of late-night dorm-room conversations in the pieces we write. We hope to capture the breadth of intelligence we are fortunate to have on this campus.

So please email us with questions, comments, concerns, pontifications and the like at [email protected], and check out the entire magazine online at weekender.dailycal.org.

— Curan Mehra, Michael Rosen, Anya Schultz and Noah Kulwin