How to channel your inner Olympian while still at UC Berkeley


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If watching the Sochi Olympic Games has inspired you to try out a new activity or start training for the Olympics, we at the Clog are here to let you know how to get started!

Ice Skating
You can get your skate on at the Oakland Ice Center. Sequined dresses for girls and sparkly spandex outfits for the guys are not required … even though they are part of the unspoken figure skating dress code.

ice skating

For most people, the only interesting thing about curling is the pants Norway’s team wears — but if you have a deeper interest in the sport, you’re in luck. UC Berkeley has a curling club. Hopefully, we’ve got navy and gold pants bold enough to top Norway’s outfits.


Does going down hairpin turns on a sled at 90 miles an hour sound appealing to you? Start training now, because USA Bobsled and Skeleton Federation is holding recruitment tests this summer for interested and qualified athletes. Elements of the test include a 60-meter sprint or 45-meter sprint, broad jump, shot toss and back squats.  So if you ever find yourself waiting too long for the squat rack at the RSF, politely tell everyone that you’re training to be an Olympian.


There are plenty of hills in Berkeley, but unfortunately there isn’t any snow. We think it’s time to grab some friends and take a mini-weekend vacation. There are seven different ski resorts at Lake Tahoe where you can hone your skills.


While there is not an ice track in Berkeley, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Try going down the concrete slide in Codornices Park located on Northside near the Berkeley Rose Garden. To feel more like an Olympian, wear all spandex and slide down flat on your back with your arms pressed tightly to your sides and your toes pointed in … It’s all about being aerodynamic!


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