Daily Cal switches to Disqus software for online commenting

Starting Wednesday, readers of The Daily Californian will once again use the Disqus commenting platform to voice their opinions on our website.

In December 2012, we began using the Facebook Comments Box as a solution to an older, less functional version of Disqus. Since then, technical problems with Facebook’s platform and improvements to Disqus’ moderation system and visual aesthetics convinced us to re-evaluate how we host comments.

The new software will solve many of our and users’ complaints about the Facebook system, including limited comment moderation abilities and an incompatibility with mobile devices.

We are not alone in leaving the Facebook commenting platform. In the past 14 months since we made the switch, the Los Angeles Times blogs and the Dallas Morning News, which used the Facebook platform when we made the change, have left Facebook comments.

We hope the change back to Disqus will be positive and foster civil and productive discussion.

Under Disqus, commenters will be required to login through a valid Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. The old Facebook comment system allowed Facebook, Yahoo! and AOL accounts. Posting under real names will be encouraged.

Old comments made through Facebook will remain archived in the Disqus comment sections.

And as always, comments will only be deleted for violating our comment policy, of which an updated version can be found on our About page.

We are continuously working to improve the overall online experience at the Daily Cal. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know at [email protected].

Seung Y. Lee is the online managing editor. Contact him at [email protected]