Soak up the sun, Berkeley style

Michaela Swensen/File

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With spring break rapidly approaching, the weather warming up and midterms ending, it’s time to leave the library and get outside! While there may not be any beaches in Berkeley, there are plenty of great places to sunbathe. We at the Daily Clog are here to help make sure you get your daily dose of vitamin D (and maybe a new profile picture your East Coast friends will envy), so here’s a list of places to sunbathe to your heart’s content:

1. Golden Bear Pool. Our personal favorite campus pool is Golden Bear because there is plenty of space to spread out a towel on its wooden steps or on the grass just above the pool. Bonus: You can see San Francisco and the bridges in the distance.

2. Memorial Glade. If you haven’t tanned on Memorial Glade, you’re missing out on a classic Berkeley experience. This is also a perfect place to nap, read, picnic or people watch while getting bronze.

3. Rooftops. Soak in the awesome view and the rays at the same time if you are fortunate enough to live somewhere with a roof suitable for tanning. If not, hopefully one of your friends does!

4. The Marina. This is the closest place to a beach that Berkeley has to offer. If you’re feeling adventurous, rent a sailboat or kayak and get a tan from the Bay.

5. Sproul Plaza. Kidding. Unless you want to to be trampled by ASUC campaigners and tour groups. Or seriously annoy students trying to get to class.

6. People’s Park. Just no.

And remember to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen. Happy sunbathing!

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