Fashion Fridays: Fauxchella edition

For this edition of Fashion Fridays, after spending an afternoon on Upper Sproul Plaza, we headed straight to Memorial Glade to check out the various stylish audience members of the Night of Cultural Resistance. Outfits throughout the evening had a hip, music-festival vibe, perfect for a weekend out at Coachella or Treasure Island. From wild, retro prints to floral-print dresses with a hint of Boho-chic, statement pieces seemed to be the theme of the night, as girls toned down eye-catching tops with solid basics. Next time you’re out at a concert or any night of music, be sure to take some sartorial cues from these stylish folk.

(Pictured above) Elizabeth Bailey wears a cool, Aztec-inspired printed cardigan and tones it down with some more versatile basics, such as her light-wash denim and black combat boots. Check out how the colors of her jeans and shoes are echoed in her cardigan! An awesome case of color-coordinating.


Alexander Kraft likes to stay dapper for class with preppy summer details like his madras plaid bow tie and a three-button seersucker jacket. His inspiration? “The 20th century,” Kraft said.


Tania Yeo and Deborah Yap teach us how to add playful, feminine details to two very black, punk-inspired outfits. A top with a small burst of yellow, the sleek Chelsea boots and the winter-esque Fair Isle sweater — all things to add to your shopping list if you’ve been into the all-black trend lately.


From left to right: Morgan Fabian, Jill Nicholas, Maxine Sharf, Kate Randle, Sarah Nilmeier, Emily Swarts and Krystal Mizono

Meet the girls of Kappa Kappa Gamma! We were in love with their various takes on spring prints and florals, from Kate’s cherry-blossom romper to Maxine’s more wild, kaleidoscopic maxi dress. Keep it classy, KKG.


Anna Maria Aguerojannes stood out from the crowd with a colorful, one-of-a-kind jacket that’s been in the family for ages. “I made my mom give it to me,” she joked. For the best statement pieces, wear something with a history.


Pictured above: Vincent Saephan, Jojo and Sou Liam 

Anticipating a night of Blue Scholars and Talib Kweli, we were on the prowl for some kids with a more hip-hop, urban edge, and these kids definitely caught our eye. We especially dug Sou’s floral bomber jacket and Jojo’s indigo band-collar shirt, a style that has become its own menswear microtrend inspired by Spike Jonze’s Her.


Concluding the night, we found Greg Jhung, on the right, wearing the same black-and-white floral shirt as our fashion beat Jason Chen! Who wore it better?