The Daily Cal catches up with “Divergent” stars

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At the San Francisco premiere of Lionsgate’s “Divergent” on March 5, the Daily Cal caught up with a few of the film’s stars on the red carpet.

Maggie Q, who starred as Nikita in the Emmy-nominated television series, plays a character of a similar type in “Divergent” — save for the intense scenes of action. In “Divergent,” Maggie plays Tori, an elusive tattoo artist who helps Tris (Shailene Woodley) evade capture. When asked to describe her character in a few words, Maggie pronounces Tori as brave and fearless. After playing Nikita for so many years, Tori explains there was a shift into her new role for “Divergent.” “When I haven’t hurt some man I feel like my job hasn’t been done,” she explained with a laugh.

Maggie sees “Divergent” as a multifaceted film with something in it for everyone. “Different aspects [of the film] speak to different people. The film deals with loss, something I think anyone can relate to.”

While on the red carpet, Maggie spoke not only about her latest film but also about the importance of increasing animals’ rights in our society. Maggie sees animal welfare as an incredibly important issue. “We have to speak out. Animals don’t have a voice,” she explains. In light of her recent role as a co-producer of “Earthlings,” a film about the unjust treatment of animals in today’s society, it’s clear Maggie has found a way through film to maximize the power of her voice to make a difference.


Meki Phifer, who has starred on series like “ER,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Torchwood,” “Lie to Me” and “House of Lies,” plays Max of the Dauntless faction, a character Phifer describes as “tough, stern and mysterious.” Phifer thinks what one gets out of the film definitely “depends on your life experience,” but states that the film presents “political messages to [its] adult audience.”

Despite their hurried arrival, both stars remained gracefully composed and were apologetic to fans who had been waiting in line to see them for over two hours. Thankfully, however, the show went on and all scuttled from under the hot lights on the red carpet to the theater, evading the rain outside that beat against the pavement.

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