Breaking: UC Berkeley switches to quarter system, effective yesterday

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While UC Berkeley students enjoyed their much needed spring break, UC officials sat down to discuss a controversial topic already implemented in most UCs with positive feedback. As of Tuesday, April 1, UC Berkeley announced that the campus will be switching from the semester system into the quarter system. This new system will go into effect the first week after the official end of the 2014 spring break with the intention of eradicating students’ demands that UC Berkeley follow in the homogeneous footsteps of the other eight UC campuses, whose students have been thriving on the fall, winter and spring quarter systems.

There have been numerous student organizations in favor of ending the winter quarter before spring break and starting a new quarter after their weeklong vacation, free of studying for the midterms that are ominously waiting for them on the other side of the break.

But although a homework-free spring break appeals to many, there are other downsides at play. For one, because winter quarter has already ended, grades are being determined by the marks students received between January 2014 and the beginning of spring break. Thus, ending the winter quarter the week before spring break has forced professors to use pre-spring break midterm results as the final decision for winter-quarter class grades.

Many have worried about how this change will affect students’ GPAs and whether or not the course load of the quarter system class schedule will be too heavy for UC Berkeley students used to the semester system. Some critics have deemed the decision as “rash,” “hasty” and “an excuse so students don’t have to take midterms right now,” but the overall reactions from students across campus have been in favor of the decision, with many regarding the verdict as “about time” and “inevitable as all the other UC schools are doing it.”

What are your thoughts on UC Berkeley’s new quarter system?

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