You’ve seen these slogans before, but never like this

Thanks to clever advertising, there are a few phrases that have snuck into our daily lives. You’ve seen these slogans time and time again, but they probably didn’t resonate with you as much as they do now. We felt like these public-private partnerships didn’t do a successful job of attracting UC Berkeley students, so we’ve redesigned some of our favorite brands to better suit the Cal lifestyle.

1. Because none of us want to make the walk but probably should.


2. Late Night. Who doesn’t love it?

Late Night

3. Peet’s Coffee and Tea has helped us pull all-nighters when we tried to avoid the Red Bull and helped tone down the suffering of an 8 a.m. class.

Got Milk

4. On the rare occasion we actually make it there, Disneyland has nothing on our beds.


5. As much as we hate on it, Crossroads has kept us alive. And for the unfortunate souls who don’t have meal points anymore, there’ll be a whole new batch of freshmen for you to befriend next year.


Image source: SuperFantastic

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