Picks of the Week

It’s easy to say no to everything this close to the end of the semester, but all study and no nights out makes Oski a dull bear. Live a little. We’ve still got dead week to look forward to. The future of BART If you’re interested in BART’s future plans
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Jhameel jams to his own beat

With a breathy voice and funky style, it’s no surprise that UC Berkeley alumnus Jhameel has been compared to a modern-day Prince. The 23-year-old — a former member of the ROTC program and of co-op Casa Zimbabwe — attributes his experiences in the military and in Berkeley to the start
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Compilation of philosophies busted for conventional analysis

In the wake of the recent wave of dystopian and postapocalyptic fiction, where is the utopian thought to balance the waters? Founding editor of literature, culture and politics magazine n+1, Benjamin Kunkel channels his scholarly appreciation for Marxist thought into a fact-based work of nonfictional contemporary cultural and political analysis
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