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Charlotte Bronte

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If you haven’t been reading The Toast, the website launched last summer by Mallory Ortberg and Nicole Cliffe, then you’re probably a terrible person. Kidding! You’re probably a terrible person for other reasons like the cigarette habit you were supposed to kick, or because you forgot to feed your roommate’s dumb fish when your roommate went to Santa Barbara for Halloween with the lame friends you don’t like in the decade-old Subaru that swallowed your last iPhone. REGARDLESS, “His Career Will Be Absolutely Fine: On Telling People About Being Molested,” is a devastating piece of writing that you should read and doesn’t really need any further introduction.

— Noah Kulwin


Jackson Burgess is a cool guy, and this piece of short fiction published in Tin House is really weird. Everyone’s had strange thoughts about other people on the bus before, and Burgess contemplates what happens when you follow the absurdity of those thoughts to their practical extreme.

— Michael Rosen


Trying to end a relationship before summer starts up? Follow Charlotte Bronte’s lead in a note she wrote to Henry Nussex, rejecting his proposal. “Do not therefore accuse me of wrong motives when I say that my answer to your proposal must be a decided negative … I have no personal repugnance to the idea of a union with you—but … you do not know me, I am not this serious, grave, cool-headed individual you suppose.”

-Curan Mehra

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