6 ways to transport furniture without a car

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Cars aren’t a necessity in Berkeley when you’ve got an unlimited bus pass for AC Transit. They are, however, extremely useful when you’re trying to move that nice dining table set you bought on Free & For Sale to your new apartment. Here are some alternative methods of transporting heavy furniture for those of us who don’t have cars.


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You need a membership to take advantage of Zipcar’s services, but it does offer a 30-day trial. Just plan your move ahead of time because it takes three to seven business days for Zipcar to mail you your Zipcard, which allows you to unlock its cars. The great thing about Zipcar is that it offers different car models, including pickup trucks — perfect for moving those unwieldy mattress frames! It also allows you to pay by the hour. If you’re reluctant about getting a membership, we recommend reaching out to a friend who already has one.

Relay Rides

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You also need a membership to rent cars through Relay Rides, but the membership itself is free; you only pay for the car you rent. You can only pay by the day, not by the hour. Rates, however, are pretty low — as low as $20 a day! Like Zipcar, Relay Rides also offers many car models, including pickup trucks.


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Good ol’ (sometimes) reliable Craigslist. Craigslist is best for getting multiple heavy boxes and furniture from one place to another without paying the high rates of a standard moving service. You can find advertisements for assistance moving large objects in the “labor/move” tab, under “services.”

Free & For Sale

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If none of these options sound particularly appealing to you, try hitting up Berkeley’s Free & For Sale Page. Post an ad detailing exactly what needs to be moved, where and when you need to move it and how much you are willing to pay for someone’s help — or at least insinuate they will be paid. Then, just wait for people to respond. Summer is a transitional period for a lot of students moving into new apartments, so chances are you’ll find someone who is also moving furniture around the same time as you.


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Cal Zimride is a service offered to all students and staff that allows you to either share the seats in your car or hitch a ride as a passenger. You can check and see on its website if any drivers are planning a trip to or near your destination. If not, then you can always request a ride, specifying your starting point, destination and how much money you’re willing to contribute to the driver. When you request a ride, you get to choose your own rate, but if you’re hitching a ride, prices will vary depending on the driver. In the notes you should specify that you are planning on moving something, and to avoid making other passengers uncomfortable, you should only transport small objects.

Oh heck, just take the bus

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If you’re moving something small such as an end table or mirror, then consider just taking the bus. It’s free, and, hey, it beats walking.


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