UCSA calls emergency meeting over concerns about student regent-designate nominee Avi Oved


The University of California Student Association Board of Directors passed a motion to conduct an emergency meeting this week after financial and political conflict of interest concerns surrounding student regent-designate nominee Avi Oved were raised at its meeting Saturday.

According to a document presented by a student from UC Riverside during public comments, Oved allegedly sent an email a few weeks before the 2013 Undergraduate Student Association elections at UCLA thanking Adam Milstein, a heavy supporter of pro-Israel organizations who also runs the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, for a generous donation to him and a campus political party.

In return, Oved — who was running for internal vice president with Bruins United at the time — promised to make sure that “UCLA would maintain its allegiance to Israel and the Jewish community” and fight against the “oppression” felt under the leadership of pro-Palestine members of the student government. In the email, Oved said Bruins United was excited to further strengthen its unwavering support for Israel and fight against those who were anti-Israel and against those supporting the active boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

















The goal of the emergency meeting is to discuss Oved’s relationship with the Milstein Foundation and review potential conflicts of interest and concerns over funding transparency, according to UCSA board member Kevin Sabo. If the UCSA Board of Directors — which is composed of members of each campus’ student government — finds there are substantial concerns, the board may recommend that the UC Board of Regents delay the nomination until a full investigation can be conducted, according to Sabo.

Each year, the UCSA Board of Directors, along with two other committees, selects a student to serve as the student regent. In May, the board met potential candidates and sent forward three recommendations to the regents, who ultimately chose Oved, according to Sabo. The regents are expected to confirm Oved at their July meeting.

UCSA board member Abraham Galvan-Sanchez said he wants Oved to prove that the donations were not made by the foundation, that he did report the donation as mandated by the USAC elections code and that there is no reason for the board to be worried about the influence that this and other outside organizations may have on him during his terms as student regent-designate and student regent.

“I just hope he can clarify and hope that he speaks honestly about where our concern is coming from,” said Caitlin Quinn, external affairs vice president at UC Berkeley’s student government and a UCSA board member. “It reflects badly on UCSA, on the whole UC system and the regents if we don’t investigate.”

Oved, who has been active in Jewish organizations on the UCLA campus, said he would not be able to comment until Monday.

The Milstein Foundation — founded by Adam Milstein and members of his family — is against the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and funds programs such as UCLA Hillel, according to Melissa Stein, executive director of the Milstein Foundation in an interview with The Daily Californian prior to Saturday’s meeting. According to the Milstein Foundation’s annual reporting with the IRS, no money was allocated to Bruins United in 2011, 2012 or 2013.

Current student regent-designate Sadia Saifuddin — who will serve as the student regent in 2014-15 — was initially met with criticism at the July 2013 UC Board of Regents meeting when concerns were raised about her support to divest UC funds from companies affiliated with the Israeli military. Saifuddin co-sponsored a UC Berkeley student-government bill in the spring of 2013 aiming to divest student-government funds from companies that provide equipment, materials and technology to the Israeli military.

In past years, relationships between pro-Israel groups and student-government officials raised conflict of interest concerns.

At UCLA, divestment dominated many discussions in the 2013-2014 academic year. Concerns reached a peak when students involved in the Students for Justice in Palestine filed a complaint in April against two Bruins United senators, Sunny Singh and Lauren Rogers, citing a conflict of interest by participating in a sponsored trip to Israel, according to a 2014 Daily Bruin article. In response, candidates running with other political parties signed a statement stating they would not take sponsored trips with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — or AIPAC — and the Anti-Defamation League or Hasbara Fellowships, the Daily Bruin reported.

Many board members said this infraction from Oved was more serious than these previous examples.

Chloe Hunt is the editor in chief and president. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter @saidChloe.

A previous headline for this article failed to specify Avi Oved as the student regent-designate nominee, instead only referring to Oved as the student regent-designate.

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  • deejaysalinger

    The level of journalism on display in this article is uphauling. The accusations are given the privileged position of first placement in every case and are taken at face value 100% of the time without so much as a perusal of the guidelines for this position. For example, the candidate is accused of ‘hiding’ things that were never required to be disclosed and have not been disclosed by previous candidates. The scandalous accusation is made up front, but the simple explanation is hidden much lower. In fact, all information that might support this candidate is pushed to the bottom of the article and clear connections like the previous position-holder’s Pro-Divestment stance, which was challenged by a Pro-Israel group this time last year, go completely unexplored. Pointedly so, I would imagine.

    Giving the benefit of the doubt that efforts were made to get quotes from pertinent people with varying perspectives on this hot button topic, said efforts were most definitely inadequate. Most of the potentially-offensive-certainly-inflammatory portions of this article come unsourced. They are simply the personal opinions of Hunt, published as fact.

    I will stop short of calling this article fundamentally Anti-Semitic. I will, however, say that if this article is representative of the care that Chloe Hunt takes in her research and writing, then she is an abject failure as a journalist and an embarrassment to her profession.

    To be clear, the problem is not that Hunt is openly bias – I adore the LA Weekly and that’s often pure AgitProp – the problem is that Hunt feebly attempts to hide her bias while framing the story as an issue of ‘Evil Zionist conspiracy’ instead of ‘College students on both sides of the Divestment movement continue to use bureaucratic loopholes to make political statements.’

    There are no shortage of reasons to criticize Israel and I am not inherently against the concept of a divestment program.* There is a legitimate case to be made for comparing aspects of Israeli military action and social organization to those of Apartheid-era South Africa, not the least of which is Israel’s historic support of that grotesque regime. But this article doesn’t even attempt to find legitimate reasons to criticize that nation state. This does no favors to Hunt’s political allies. Not only does it (perhaps unintentionally) echo centuries’ old rhetoric used to incite hatred and murder of Jews and Israelis, it also makes the the Pro-Divestment movement seems callow, unprofessional or worse to the attentive reader. Through her sheer, unmitigated failure to provide accurate reporting, Hunt actually grants credence to the Candidate’s claims of persecution.

    Try harder.

    *But if you’re serious about Divestment, you might want to consider a new way to communicate since text messaging (ICQ) and Sim Cards (Motorola’s Israeli plant) were both invented by Israelis or with their participation and money from those inventions flows back into the country. It will be hard, but then it is often difficult for me to move through cinephile circles without having to constantly explain that I have never seen a Roman Polanski film because of my personal boycott.

    • Doremus

      “I will stop short of calling this article fundamentally Anti-Semitic” Nice try. You just did. And the word is “appalling”, not “uphauling”

  • daniel

    Unbelievable that the Israelis are interfering in student government in the US! This would not be tolerated with any other country. Imagine the kerfuffle if radical-pro-Beijing chinese businessmen were buying student elections!

  • newsman47 .

    seems the question in this blatantly political lynching should be resolved by law – did the student do anything contrary to the operant laws? And who or what is financing the vigorous anti Israeli push at UCLA and other campuses? Did their funds come from palm trees, heavenly angels or student donations?- what is the role of outside funding in this powerful political movement? And ultimately, is only one side permitted to sit down at the table at UCLA – the anti Israel side?

  • Alan Absalon

    It’s really frustrating to hear such things….seriously? its hate and this type of campaign is nothing different from Nazi’s in Germany. Even if he had a donation from his fellow Jewish patriots then there was nothing wrong with that? I mean, seriously, (I am not hating) but so if he was a Muslim, would that been okay for them? One of my really good friends is Jewish too with Israeli-American roots and I have to say, I feel really blessed and proud to have her as my friend! This story is so sad.

  • shutupandknit

    Both Saifuddin and Oved promoted political and social issues that were near and dear to themselves, as anyone who wants to be in public policy does.

    For those rabid idiots complaining about Saifuddin, the difference between her and Avi Oved is that she presented issues to be resolved within the student body. Saifuddin worked within her purview. Mr Oved went outside his purview promising to steer student body and university policy to be favorable to Israel.

    If this were the federal government and he was in a similar capacity – it would be treason. As it is, his behavior is absolutely dishonest and a violation of his role as student regent representative. Oved violated his position and chose to promote activities of a single group with external influence and resources.

    • Dan Spitzer

      Ah, “shutup,” for those who have taken history courses the old canard about Jews serving “international Jewry” rather than their own country was the mantra of the Third Reich. But since you repeat such screed, it is unlikely that you have ever taken any history course…

      • shutupandknit

        It’s all in his email, no need to even try to make it up. He vowed to promote the agenda of a foreign nation of Israel if he got their support.

        • Hephie

          Another hasbarat hoisted on the petard of his own galvanic response!

    • Elon

      The only issue ANYONE on board deals with is BDS, either to be pro or against it. They are exactly the same, except you agree with Saifuddin.

      • shutupandknit

        I agree with Saifuddin’s approach, she is going through the proper steps to get support for her cause. Oved did not, which is why I oppose him. Aside from the fact that he proposed to lobby directly for a foreign government, which should not be tolerated at all.

        Try and tell me that you wouldn’t have a problem with Saiffuden if she made the same promises as Oved did to a group who represented an Arab nation. You’d be in a lather to call for her removal.

        It really doesn’t matter what the cause was or is, for all I care it could have been for Nude Friday’s. However I suspect that you simply have your anti-arab colored glasses on and can’t see straight.

        • Elon

          She probably did. I don’t believe for a second Saifuddin never campaigned or accepted donations.

  • Dan Spitzer

    Out of curiosity, now that the 3 Israeli teenagers have been found murdered by members of Hamas, part of the new Palestinian government of “reconciliation,” will those who denigrate Israel on this site be sending candy to the Palestinians, hundreds of whom gave out candy to their children to celebrate the kidnapping of the 3 young Israelis? Just asking…

    • Hephie

      Just out of curiosity, did you get a Hasbara (pro-apartheid propaganda) Fellowship to be able to cram that much canned garbage into one post?

      Where is the evidence that Hamas was involved? Not there. Even the Shin Bet’s not putting any money on it.

      What hundreds of candy givers? The unidentified six or seven holding sweets we know not where or when?

      Just asking…

      • Dan Spitzer

        Anyone who applies the term “apartheid” to Israel shows an astounding measure of ignorance. I was in the horrific apartheid of S. Africa and there is NO-ZERO-NADA correspondence of S. African apartheid with any aspect of democratic Israel. On the other hand, the Palestinians and Arabic society in general apply apartheid policies toward women, gays and dissidents and those who deny this are truly wearing the thickest of ideological blinders.
        BTW, Hephie, are you some international detective who has just returned from the W. Bank and can therefore deliver the facts that Hamas lowlifes were not involved in the kidnapping and murder of the Israeli children? Hamas leaders have openly praised the kidnapping and murders to the skies and the two men Israel is seeking are, according to their own neighbors, active members of Hamas.
        Al Jazeera, among others, showed Palestinians in Gaza showering their children with sweets to celebrate the kidnapping, just as they did when the Twin Towers fell..

        • Hephie

          Hmmm, by outstandingly ignorant about apartheid, would you be meaning Desmond Tutu? Or is it the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) that you were thinking of? Perhaps the Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa?. Or maybe it was John Dugard, South African professor of international law and an ad hoc Judge on the International Court of Justice, serving as the Special
          Rapporteur for the United Nations on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories. Maybe you were thinking of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela or Dennis
          Goldberg or Arun Ghandh. Perhaps you mean the statement by the South African government itself on 24 November 2009. Could it be the thirty-four signers—leading South African activists who published an open letter called ‘We fought apartheid; we see no reason to celebrate it in Israel now!’? Maybe you mean Kgalema Motlanthe, Deputy President of the ruling ANC. Any of them?

          Or is it that you, as a particularly ignorant shill, don’t even understand the term? ‘Apartheid against women’ my a**!

          You don’t need to be a supersleuth to know when nobody’s shown a shred of evidence. And when the Shin Bet’s casting doubts about Nutteryahoo’s ravings, it should give a person pause.

          So you just keep on making up stories about showering kids with sweets as Israel descends into pogroms. Shills like you have been doing it for years and we’ve all gotten used to your ginned-up crap.

          Sieg Zion!

          • Dan Spitzer

            When you write “Sieg Zion,” it lets all readers of this site know what a bloody anti-Semite you are. As for Bishop Tutu, most people on the left know what liars religious leaders can be, especially when it comes to Christian ministers who, as we all saw in the days of the Third Reich, were so virulently filled with Jew hatred. Bishop Tutu opposed true S. African apartheid, as did anyone with a conscience, but his own ignorance of what is happening in Israel and the Palestinian territories is appalling. As for John Dugard, the fact that he has a position with the UN speaks volumes as it is so vehemently anti-Israel on a regular basis yet never says a word to condemn atrocities so widespread in the Arab world.
            Winnie Mandela is known as being a co-conspirator in the murder of a black teenager and was such a demagogue that Nelson Mandela wisely jettisoned her. As for the ANC-on a continent rife with corrupt political parties-the ANC ranks right up there. Nelson Mandela tried to cleanse his party of its rapacious thuggery and the ripping off of the S. African people, but was unsuccessful in doing so as his age impaired him.
            Virtually anyone who has been to the Arab world, including the Palestinian territories, can see that adult women are treated as second class citizens and teenage girls may well be subjected to “honor murder” by their fathers or brothers should they be deemed as bringing shame to their families. Of course, Palestinian judges rarely punish such offenders.
            Gays in the Palestinian territories are frequently murdered and many flee to the freedom of Israel, one of the world’s most open cities for gays. Dissidents are regularly jailed or worse. So yes, Palestinian society exhibits true apartheid and to deny this would make one a liar.
            Again, when someone is so low as to type “Sieg Zion,” we know exactly where they are coming from. Thanks for being so open about your bigotry, not that we couldn’t see it from the context of your ignorant ravings. BTW, do have the courage to give us your name, rather than hiding your biases behind a moniker…

          • Hephie

            I’m Jewish. Now you have to switch to ‘self-hating Jew’ mode. Isn’t life as a shill wonderful? You can discount any truth with a made-up label. The reason the mask is slipping for Israel in the States is because you shills ‘argue’ never to the point but rather by ‘point-scoring’, which the Hasbara Handbook describes as seeming to engage in reasonable debate

            Desmond Tutu is IGNORANT because YOU say so? Really convincing! Can you demonstrate concretely where Tutu is incorrect? No. So you simply call him ignorant.

            John Dugard is not qualified to have an opinion because he’s connected to the UN and thus is ‘anti-Israel’? This is simply more of hasbara chop-logic. The vast majority of the UN is critical of Israel because Israel spits so regularly on international law. Do you engage with any of Dugard’s points? Of course not! Slander and insinuation are your Goebbelesque tools of the trade.

            Winnie Mandela is not qualified to have an opinion because she was implicated in a murder? You ever heard of the ad hominem fallacy? So Charlie Manson says the sky is blue and we are to not believe him?

            The ANC is corrupt and therefore can offer no opinion of Israeli apartheid? Dick Nixon says the sky is blue….

            So after your non-arguements you turn to the stock Islamophobic memes, Islamophobia being the 21st-century anti-Semitism. Why? Because you can’t argue to the point of Israeli apartheid. Separate roads? Check. Separate schools? Check. Separate laws? Check. Separate citizenships? Check. (Palestinian Israelis are legally citizens but not nationals. Only Jews are nationals. The legal system has different rules for nationals.) All one has to do is check out the Convention on the Suppression of the Crime of Apartheid to se how well the legal definition fits Israeli practice.

            Where do I get off writing ‘Seig Zion’? Both Zionism and Nazism spring from the birth of German nationalism in the 19th century. They are both racial ideologies. I’m not the first Jew to point this out. Look at the works of Yeshayahu Liebowitz.

            The hate, the paranoia, the intolerance, the cruelty and the demented racial ideas of both ideologies evidence their shared DNA.

            Zionism is a black stain on Judaism in much the same way that Nazism was a stain on the German. So yeah,

            Sieg Zion.

      • daniel

        Is that the thing where the Israeli government pays people to post propaganda on American websites?

        • Hephie

          Yup! Just Google that and, for extra fun Google ‘hasbara handbook’. You’ll see exactly where Dan gets his playlist.

  • Doremus

    Disgusting, this blatant dishonesty of this candidate and his party supporting a loyalty oath to a foreign government at a =public= university.

    • shutupandknit

      I have no problem of either groups promoting their viewpoints.

      What is problematic is that Oved did so by going outside the established student system, choosing to engage in fundraising and lobbying for dollars with groups that support and promote a foreign nation. Saifuddin had a pro BDS leaning and Oved was free to support a Pro-Israel leaning, on campus, but not with the funding/interference of outside third parties. That is where Oved failed ethically speaking.

  • Sherman Boyson

    Isn’t it adorable how Dan Spitzer registers LIKES for all his own updates.

    • Dan Spitzer

      Well, Sherman, don’t you agree with your own opinions? BTW, you are seen at nearly every pro-Palestinian protest, often alongside demonstrators calling for the obliteration of Israel. And I’m certain you will justify the barbaric kidnapping and now, according to the NY Times, murder of Israeli teenagers to say nothing of the Hamas call for genocide vs all Jews. If you wish to see a bigot, look in the mirror if you dare…

      • Dan Spitzer

        Actually, Sherman, I won’t be surprised if your conscience kept you from supporting your advocation of a Palestinian party which got the majority of votes a few years ago-Hamas-which calls for Jewish genocide. It would be shameful to support a political order, part of the new Palestinian regime of “reconciliation,” which openly states it wishes Jews worldwide to be murdered and I suspect that few people, even you, wish to openly embarrass themselves…

        • Sherman Boyson

          sure danny boy. still waiting for the picture.

      • Blake

        “Israel”? Oh ya mean “a where are ya from illegal immigrant in Palestine”. Gotcha

      • Sherman Boyson

        never been to a rally/protest for Palestine, Dan. Show me a picture or remain the lying lonely social outkast troll you are.

        • Dan Spitzer

          If I wished to break my camera, I’d have taken a shot of your less than lovely mug, grinning inanely at the pro-Palestinian protestor standing next to you with his swastika placard. Apparently, that troubled you as much as the recent murder of Israeli children has.
          BTW, Sherman, do you like the fact that the Palestinians democratically elected a political entity, Hamas, which has called for Jewish genocide worldwide? And are you happy that Abbas has incorporated Hamas in his charming “government of reconciliation?” Please give us your response–curious minds want to know what our local pro-Palestinian minion thinks about such matters…

          • Martin

            The story about the IDF murdering two Palestinian teenagers last month disappeared rather quickly. The incident was caught live on camera by CNN. It’s not a stretch to believe that the Israeli teens were kidnapped and killed in RETALIATION for the murders of those two Palestinian teens. I wonder why that story disappeared? It changes the entire story.

        • Dan Spitzer

          “Outkast?” Sherman, did you finally get your GED? Clearly, like most bigots, you have never learned to spell…

    • shutupandknit

      HA! That’s hysterical. I can’t stop laughing.

      I would die to see this chaps facebook page.

  • I see the bigots of Zionism have come to the aide of one of their own. Private e-mail?
    I am with Mr. Silverstein. It is, however, sad that the same can’t be said for our own Congress. They pledge allegiance to the Israel upon entering office. Some have finally said NO to these KKK look alikes.

    • Dan Spitzer

      Let’s see “Dirty.” You call those who support Israel bigots and KKK look alikes. What would you call the kidnappers and-latest NY Times news-now murderers of Israeli teens?
      Furthermore, what would you call a government which has reconciled and incorporated a poltical entity, Hamas, which calls for the killing of Jews worldwide–that is to say, those fine Palestinians you champion? Do you still find them honorable, heroic excuses for human beings?

    • shutupandknit

      Using the star of David is highly inappropriate. It’s a symbol of religion that belongs to many. Not just Zionist loons.

      • Zionists are the terrorists of the Middle East. Just ask any Middle East intel expert.
        NYT is not a good source of news. Look to a Middle Eastern news source or BCC.
        A bloody star of Zionists is exactly what I think. So stuff it.
        BTW, there are many Christian Zionists in Congress!

        • Dan Spitzer

          Thank you, “Dirty,” for outing yourself. Shiites and Sunnis are butchering one another, men, women and children by the thousands in Syria and Iraq, Iran has called for the obliteration of the people of Israel, Egypt has fallen once again under military rule and dissidents live in fear, Yemen is rife with Jihadis killing women they consider immoral, Sudanese Muslims are committing genocide vs black non-Muslims in Darfur, Libya is aflame with violence, Pakistani Taliban kill girls who try to go to school, Hamas calls for the murder of Jews everywhere on the planet and then kidnaps kids and murders them, yet somehow, somehow, “Dirty” calls Zionists the “terrorists of the Middle East.” What else is there to say other than such unmitigated bigotry belongs in either a David Duke publication or the Berkeley Daily Planet/KPFA, where Stalinism and hatred of Jews holds perpetual sway…

          • shutupandknit

            Deflection. Is that all you have?

            You’re one of those “whatabouter” deflectors. It’s easier than addressing the actual topic of discussion isn’t it?

          • I will say again: “The Zionists are the terrorists of the Middle East. Just ask any Middle East intel expert.”
            I stand by that and I refuse to be labeled by as an anti-semite. Zionists are not Jewish. They are of no religion and are even shunned by Orthodox and the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Most Jews of America don’t know what is going on in Israel and those that do don’t like what is being done.

  • wow

    Clearly Avi is not out to protect the interest of ALL UC students and is thus unfit to serve in a position of power in my opinion. If he wants to lobby on behalf of his own causes and interests that is fine, but he should not be representing the diverse student body as the student regent simply to advance his own agenda. Politics aside, his job as both the regent as well as the IVP of UCLA does not inherently owe anything to AIPAC, the ADL, or other outside entities that have no place on these campuses to begin with.

    Secondly this notion that any dialogue about Israel is inherently anti-Semitic is toxic, unproductive and flat out wrong. I do not see how examining our investments with certain companies is explicitly hateful or silencing, if anything, targeting his opponent Lana and viewing it is “personal” is something I take much more offense and outright concern in.

    And lastly I am curious as to how Avi or any of the Jewish students he speaks on behalf of feel oppressed (read: silenced) at the UC as a whole? In terms of academia the Jewish identity is very well represented with the Center for Jewish Studies playing an active role in Jewish scholastics. Socially, there are numerous Jewish fraternities and sororities with very established alumni networks (read: rich) at almost every academic institution in this nation (including the UC), in addition to numerous other well-established resources like Hillel, StandwithUS, American Students for Israel, Taglit-Birthright amongst hundreds of others, maintaining a strong presence at every UC campus. The UC Campus Climate report at my school (UCDavis) indicated Jewish students had high levels of satisfaction overall and were not targeted more so than any other minorities, which makes sense considering how well they have been represented at universities in this nation long before most students of color were even allowed to apply to schools (Alpha Epsilon Pi, Avi and Adam Milstein’s fraternity was established in NYU in 1913 for example). Aside from SJP I cannot name a single similar resource for Palestinian or Arab students within the UC that ensures their students’ overall success (let alone political successes) as much as Hillel alone does for their students. Arab students’ representation within the UC is abysmal, the mere fact that last year’s regent was a hijabi Muslim woman was grounds for an uproar, despite the fact that she had no ties to any groups that might compromise her objectivity (and definitely none as glaring as Avi’s allegiance to AIPAC).

    Let’s all get real here, and stop labeling any criticism or simple observation of Jewish students at the UC as hate-speech, I don’t see any outside political organizations advocating on behalf of Arab/Palestinian/Muslim students in the same way StandwithUS and the ADL has for Jewish students. And let’s take a critical and objective look at Oved and his pronounced conflicts of interest…

    • Dan Spitzer

      So Avi supports Israel and is against BDS. Student Regent Sadia Saifuddin spearheaded the move for BDS, but anti-Israel students never castigated her for this just as Oved has every right to support the Jewish homeland. BDS is inherently anti-Semitic as Israel is the sole country in their world singled out for sanctions. It is a democracy which, unlike the Palestinian territories or the countries of the Arab world, does not oppress women, gays or dissidents. So with Sunni and Shiites butchering one another today to the tune of thousands murdered, why is Israel, the only nation in the world with a Jewish majority, singled out? If you don’t believe there to be an anti-Semitic component in this, “wow,” I have a bridge to sell you.
      As for those who support the Palestinians, surely they know that a major component of the new government, Hamas, advocates the murder of Jews, not just in Israel but worldwide. Thus by logic, the people of Palestine are correspondingly supporters of genocide and therefore anti-Semitic-as are their supporters throughout the world…

      • Martin

        “Oved has every right to support the Jewish homeland. ” But, not in the manner in which he’s doing it at an American university. It’s that simple.

    • Masada

      A) Saifuddin does have ties to highly controversial outside groups. See here:


      and here:


      B) SJPs do get support from numerous outside organizations, in the form of funding, free legal advice, activism training sessions, etc. SJP would like people to think that the pro-Israel students are the only ones getting outside support, but that’s simply false.

      • shutupandknit

        CAIR is not highly nor moderately controversial to anyone, except Zionists. Of course Zionists have a goal to slander Islam as a whole as much as possible, which rather makes CAIR necessary. Until AIPAC ends, CAIR will be necessary.

        That said, Saifuddin is not soliciting funds to promote an allegiance to a foreign nation. Which is exactly what Oved has done. He has promised to create a bias in a public university system’s student government policymaking. He has vowed to suppress free speech and congregation.

        Oved needs to go. He can get out of the minors and go join AIPAC immediately.

        • Dan Spitzer

          Oh, CAIR not moderately controversial? The Feds put CAIR on trial for sending money to Hamas, which is illegal because the US has deemed Hamas a terrorist organization. CAIR only got out of it on a technicality and one of it’s former administrators was successfully prosecuted for sending funds to Hamas.
          So appropriately named shutupandknit, please follow the advice of your moniker if the truth is so illusive for you.
          And BTW, are you pleased that Hamas murdered the 3 children it kidnapped? After all, Hamas is now part of the Palestinian government of “reconciliation” which I presume you support…

          • bruin879

            Israel has murdered thousands of Palestinian children over the years, many white illegal and torturous chemical weapons such as white phosphorus. Just in this past month they’ve killed 8 innocent people, half of which were minors.

          • Dan Spitzer

            Total unmitigated Bull Shit…

          • shutupandknit

            CAIR is no more controversial than ADL. And certainly not as whacked out as JDL. As you pointed out it was an individual member, as such an entire organization is not repsonsible for individual’s personal activities. Just as the ADL is not responsible for individual member violating US law.

            Thanks for making the ginormous googlian leap and attack that one who does not support Israeli policy is an automatic Hamas fan. Those of us who wear our big girl/boy pants don’t support either side. So cheers!

            It’s easier to go on the offensive than stick to the topic, which was about a student body leader who abused their role to create bias and support external interests isn’t it? I guess that’s easier than being honest about the serious lack of ethics and abuse of position by Mr Oved.

          • Masada

            “CAIR is no more controversial than ADL”. Oh really? Here’s CAIR official Cyrus McGoldrick supporting Hamas’ rocket fire at Israeli civilians: https://twitter.com/BrotherCy/statuses/269126799080972288 (this was in context of the battle between Israel and Hamas in November, 2012)

            And here’s the NYT reporting on the fact that CAIR has received significant amounts of funding from Arab dictatorships http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/14/washington/14cair.html?pagewanted=2&_r=1

        • Guest

          “not highly or moderately controversial”. Oh really? Here’s CAIR official Cyrus McGoldrick supporting Hamas’ rocket fire at Israeli civilians: https://twitter.com/BrotherCy/… (this was in context of the battle between Israel and Hamas in November, 2012)

          And here’s the NYT reporting on the fact that CAIR has received significant amounts of funding from Arab dictatorships http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03

      • shutupandknit

        What you have posted is one group and a letter authored by that same group to the UC system.

        But nice try in trying to drum up controversy where there is none.

  • Elon

    “Many board members said this infraction from Oved was more serious than these previous examples.”

    That is because those “previous examples” are entirely legal. The complaint against Singh and Rodgers was pure slander. The Judicial Committee found 4-0 that the trip was entirely legal, and that furthermore, Sunny was offered the trip before he was on council.

    • Looking at the Daily Bruin article, even if he did receive this donation, it would be legal.

      “Kris Kaupalolo, the Undergraduate Students Association Council Election Board adviser, said the Election Code does not require slates or candidates to disclose their campaign funding sources. In the past, slates and candidates have not disclosed where they received funding from.”

  • Alumni

    I find it troubling that the daily cal thinks it’s appropriate let alone legal to post a screen shot of a private e-mail.

    • Dan Spitzer

      The very same people, such as the editorial board of the DC and those lefties who think Obama has intruded on personal privacy rights, don’t seem to believe that e-mails meant to be private should remain so. What unmitigated hypocrisy!

    • Mikeca

      I wonder how access to a computer that provided the screen shot occurred? Or access to someone’s email account without authorization.

      Maybe these two items should be investigated too?

    • shutupandknit

      1) Avid Oved was representing the University in his email, as seen in his email signature
      2) He was clearly using his school .edu email account.
      3) That makes it school property, just like anything I transmit on my company email system is.

      His behavior should at the very minimum result in a year suspension or dismissal from the school. He had no authority to extend such favors or policy promises. He has a bright future as an AIPAC lobbyist.

      • FERPA would like to disagree. Stuff related to students at academic institutions is privileged. A Sunshine Act line of reasoning with ASUCLA being a student government would make more sense.

        • shutupandknit

          FERPA applies to student records and access to them.

          Email accounts issued by the university and contents of the email accounts do not fall under FERPA compliance. Also, as of 2012, FERPA allows for disclosing the User ID’s (email account address) of students. Communications on the university’s exchange server are property of the school and they can use it as long as there is compliance with other laws.

  • Red_Geologist

    Send the Zionist-Racist back to South Africa.

    • Dan Spitzer

      So since an overwhelming percentage of Zionists make up about half what is left of the Jewish population on earth, your comment “Red” (appropriate nickname) Geologist is anti-Semitism at its worst.
      Since you are a geologist, does this mean that you have rocks in your head? One might conclude this from your absurd slur…

      • shutupandknit

        If people understood what Zionism is and does, everyone would turn their backs on Israel. Which is exactly why so many Jews have become anti- or non-Zionist. They understand the poison it is. Hajo Meyer is absolutely right.

        To use a popular comparative device of Zionists, over half of Germans supported Nazism too. That didn’t make it a wonderful idea.

        • Dan Spitzer

          In a thoroughly democratic vote, over half the Palestinians supported the Jewish genocide advocating Hamas. Did that make their stance, in your words, “a wonderful idea?” And how does it feel, shutupandknit, to support a people whose elected political leaders call for genocide?

          • shutupandknit

            Who said I supported Hamas?


            You suck at ESP my friend.

          • Dan Spitzer

            Since shutup clearly fails to comprehend logic or doubtless has failed a course in such, why waste time responding to such a level of ignorance? One cannot have a reasoned discussion with a stone. Indeed, why would one wish to interact with an individual so manifestly bigoted?

          • shutupandknit

            You sir are not having a discussion, just aiming insults and propaganda. It deserves to be ignored, if not roundly laughed at.

            Feel free to call everyone you disagree with a bigot, antisemite, or whatever. It only makes you look foolish.

            We should outcast and ignore those who have no respect for all human life, including those they disagree with politically, religiously or socially. When I see and hear what comes out of Israeli Jews and Zionists, I knew it was time to put down the “support israel” mantle. Groups like Zionists and Hamas have no desire for peace. But there are many Jews and Palestinians/Arabs that do, and I support those people. Clearly you’re one of the lunatic zionists, so I don’t care what you think. :)

          • Dan Spitzer

            “Shutup,” you have proven your biases. Thanks for outing yourself by coming out of the closet for all to see. I don’t hold discussions with either those who prove themselves to be overt bigots so clearly ignorant of reality. So kindly follow your own moniker and “shutupandknit.”

          • Dan where is your proof of the genocide statement? Were it a quote from Sharon you would be accurate. Look up his quotes of 1948 – 1972

          • Martin

            Leaders who call for genocide? How does it feel to support the leaders of a country that is actually carrying out genocide?

  • disqus_6YcQLVlAyH

    Hmm…I wonder what an audit of the Muslim Student Association’s finances would tell us about Sadia and her view on Israel

  • Wow, my first comment about Kevin Sabo’s dubious involvement in this matter has already been censored [Comment was uncensored, yay, Daily Cal is a little overbearing though] ! Isn’t it a little bit worrisome that the (STILL ACTING) ASUC Attorney General has gotten involved with the anti-israel movement? Maybe we should do some investigating into his biased agenda and what effect it had on this year’s elections? I see what “nonpartisanship” means.

    • Guest

      Hi son_of_guy,

      I don’t want to engage in a long, protracted debate about the nuances of the Israel-Palestinian debate; I’ve just finished my first year at UC Berkeley as a transfer student from a small community college in a quiet town at the heart of the Central Valley. My student government experience has been largely defined by getting colleges off accreditation sanction, increasing student seats on college committees, and blocking parking fee increases. We didn’t weigh in on foreign policy, and my experience at Cal hasn’t shifted my focus and why I choose to participate in student government.

      I chose to accept a position as Legislative Affairs Director in the Office of the External Affairs Vice President because I wanted to get back to advocating student needs to decision-makers as I did when I was involved in the community college system. My priorities for the year are identifying ways we can budget a tuition rollback to pre-recession levels, holding the UC accountable to sexual assault rules and regulations, and identify opportunities to expand student involvement in Sacramento in shaping the language of legislation in areas of interest to students who want to make a difference. If you would like to have a conversation about those issues, I would be more than happy to chat with you and find ways we can incorporate your perspective so that we have a more holistic experience for students of a multitude of backgrounds and interests.

      I’m sorry you feel that my history in enforcing the ASUC Bylaws during the last elections has guided you towards concluding I have an agenda that can be described as “anti-Israel” or “biased” or the implication that the enforcement of elections regulations could have a nefarious effect on the outcomes of the elections, despite the fact no one was actually disqualified (nor did I push for such) this past cycle.

      Without reservation, I believe in the existence and legitimacy of the State of Israel and never have, nor will, advocate for its disestablishment as a nation. I did not participate in the debates regarding divestment last year, nor have I ever stated publicly or privately that we should divest from American companies with a relation to Israel. The fact people behave in this manner and cannot respect the difference of opinion is a sad reminder I will always keep my views on this matter to myself until we live in a different reality than the one we do now.

      Again, I’m sorry you have such feelings of hostility towards me and continue to vocalize your suspicions in my sincerity and good character. I have never actively worked to undermine any party on campus through past offices, and in my current position I only responded to a legitimate concern brought forward to us by a constituent that we have an obligation to review before dismissing. I would hope that if you were my representative in a similar position you would do nothing less.


      Kevin Sabo

      • Wow, I’m actually pleasantly surprised by your neutrality on Israel. I’m sorry for pre judging you based on your current association with CalSERVE. Hopefully you’re not just posturing.

        I still hold that the acting ASUC Attorney General should steer clear from partisan positions in EAVP, until at least a successor is appointed. It sets bad precedent and still opens a lot of conflicts of interest (especially since Israel was a decisive issue in the past two elections). I would argue that these conflicts of interest *could* be just as bad as Mr. Oved’s.

        I personally doubt that either you or Mr. Oved did anything wrong.

  • Ben Silverstein

    I find it troubling that wealthy extremist pro-israel organizations are bribing student governments to advance their own interests. I’m glad that the UCSA is dealing with this promptly.

    • Dan Spitzer

      “Bribing student governments?” Nothing like bigoted statement made before all the facts came in. A century ago, people like Silverstein would be heading lynchings…

      • Dan Spitzer

        And while we are at it, perhaps there should be an investigation into Regent Sadia Saifuddin, members of UC student reps who support BDS, and their affiliates in SJP and the Muslim Student Association to see what if any money they and their organizations get from oil rich anti-Semitic states such as Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. It is known without a shadow of a doubt that the Arab world has given substantial monies to Middle East Studies Departments nationwide and that a number of student reps who major in or attend such departments have been supporting BDS. Moreover, Jimmy Carter’s organization, which helps fund higher education, has received millions of dollars from the Saudia Arabia, a nation Carter somehow has never criticized for human rights violations when it is rife with them.
        We know that Sadia Saifuddin spearheaded the BDS movement at Cal which calls for divestment ONLY toward Israel and makes no mention of the Muslim societies which are currently butchering one another and who openly discriminate vs women and gays. Has there been an investigation into this openly biased student regent and where she gets her political support/funding?

        • Zionism = New Nazism

          While we are at it, let’s investigate why Israel is not being persecuted for UN violations? And how they can continue to commit modern day genocide without any repercussion? Let’s investigate their donations to news stations throughout the US. Because if the people truly knew what was happening, their would be an uproar.

      • Brandon Yadegari

        “Heading lynchings”, are you fucking kidding me?

      • shutupandknit

        Nothing like going totally off topic to deflect from the question at hand.

        Bravo! Surprised you didn’t say he’d be manning the gates to the concentration camps while you were at it with the slander.

        • Dan Spitzer

          shutupandknit, when you make such a patently anti-Semitic statement like that, it shouldn’t be dignified with any further answer than I just proffered. You are a hater of the worst order and quite typical of those who share your opinion, to say nothing of many of those who champion the Palestinian cause. This is the sort of mentality which pooh-poohs the kidnapping and murder of children and the Palestinians celebratory distribution of candy to exalt in the kidnapping.
          I understand why you use a screen moniker. You would doubtless find it shameful to let people know who you are…

          • IGoToSam’s

            You’re the one getting all up-in-arms, and you’re the one who made the first offensive comparison to a racial murderer.

          • Martin

            liking your own posts? nice!

          • Zionism = New Nazism

            Typical idiot Zionist with the same typical Anti-Semitic response to everything. Sorry you can’t handle criticism. Your Zionist people need to get over it. You sound like Hamas complaining about everything. Get over it.

    • According to the Daily Bruin “Kris Kaupalolo, the Undergraduate Students Association Council Election Board adviser, said the Election Code does not require slates or candidates to disclose their campaign funding sources. In the past, slates and candidates have not disclosed where they received funding from.”. Looks more like standard campaigning, not some conspiracy.

    • newsman47 .


  • I’m so glad that out *STILL ACTING* ASUC Attorney General is already jumping on that boycott, divestment, and sanctions train. Neutrality to h*ll. Maybe an investigation should be done within the ASUC about those possible conflicts of interest (seeing how that was a major elections issue)?

    Anyways, this is anti-semitism at its best. Muslim student groups are more than welcome to have questionable connections to extremist organizations (Hamas, anyone?).

    • Dan Spitzer

      Indeed, let’s see SJP, Ms. Saifuddin, and those who denigrate Israel on this site condemn the Hamas murder of three Israeli children. Word-don’t hold your breathe…

  • -duplicate-

  • Guest

    Such a blatant conflict of interest, this young man isn’t looking to represent EVERYONE across the UC campuses, he is looking to make the right connections with powerful individuals, show his loyalty to this select few and in turn secure his future political career with these groups. AIPAC has no place in student government at UC campuses, and that isn’t some kind of radical, anti-Semitic notion, it is a fact. How is the Jewish voice being silenced at UC campuses when there are Jewish fraternities at every UC (and Ivy League for that matter) with an active and largely endowed ($$$) alumni base all over, multiple Hillel organizations playing an active role in campus politics, in addition to other groups like birth-right, the ADL, AIPAC, and countless others helping rival the mere conversation of the possibility of divesting from companies that profit off of the military occupation of Palestine? If they are being silenced I can only imagine what students of color must feel with almost little to no representation across the board.

    Remember the fuss that was made over the old UC student regent simply being a Muslim woman, even though she had no direct ties to any groups (and none as blatantly inappropriate as Avi’s with AIPAC and ADL) she was still the subject of great criticism, all of which was wholly unwarranted.

    • Dan Spitzer

      “Students of color have no representation?” You must be joking or ignorant of reality on campus. Ditto your notion that a fuss was made over Ms. Saifuddin for “simply being a Muslim woman.” Don’t you know that Saifuddin was one of the leaders who, rather than criticize the country of her heritage, Pakistan, where honor murder is rife and girls are killed simply for going to school, singled out democratic Israel for BDS. So please stop with this BS about discrimination of people of color and poor political demagogues like Sadia…

    • Dan Spitzer

      Let’s stop this nonsense that a fuss was made over Saifuddin for “simply being a Muslim woman” which Guest above says had no direct ties to any groups. See Masada’s post above to debunk this foolishness…