UC Berkeley student arrested on suspicion of rape at fraternity

Delta Upsilon
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Update 10/18/2014: The rape charge against Eugene Quillin was dismissed. He received a factual finding of innocence from an Alameda County Superior Court judge. Read more here

A UC Berkeley student was arrested Thursday night in connection with one of three sexual assaults that occurred last weekend. Police do not believe the three cases were linked.

Five days after the sexual assaults were reported, Berkeley Police Department officers arrested Eugene Quillin, 20, on suspicion of raping a woman who could not resist due to intoxication. Two of the sexual assaults occurred at fraternities, and authorities said the third may have also taken place at a fraternity. The three victims were women.

Quillin was booked to Berkeley Jail after his arrest and has since posted $100,000 bail.

Police said the sexual assault occurred at 2425 Warring St., the location of Delta Upsilon, a fraternity recognized by the campus.

Marc Ninyo, president of Delta Upsilon, said the fraternity is working with authorities and international headquarters but did not comment further.

UC Berkeley junior Meghan Warner, who co-chairs Greeks Against Sexual Assault and directs the student government’s Sexual Assault Commission, emphasized that the case is not unique.

“This unfortunately happens every weekend,” she said. “I just don’t want DU to be demonized, because this is an issue in so many frats.”

Still, Warner was optimistic, because recent data suggest that more survivors are reporting sexual assault, given recent attention to the issue.

On Aug. 28, the Interfraternity Council released a statement to the campus community on sexual harassment and violence.

“The continuation of these events has shown that we have not taken sufficient action in order to prevent these incidences,” the council said in the statement. “We as fraternity men will collaborate with campus partners and actively work to change the culture that allows these issues to occur.”

According to data published Wednesday, there were 33 cases of forcible sexual assault reported to campus officials or UCPD last year.

Police requested that those with information pertaining to the crimes contact its special victims unit at 510-981-5735. Those who wish to remain anonymous can call Bay Area Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477.

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  • Mark Moriarty

    Kimberly, is it standard practice to publish names before the charge has been proven/cleared?

    In Ireland and the UK, real publishers obey laws that prohibit such publishing practices. Whatever the laws/guidelines in the USA are, I suggest you uphold yourself to a more responsible level of journalism by not publishing names of accused until there is clarity. There are plenty of ways Cal students can share the gossip amongst themselves, but please don’t let your greed for clicks and shares overpower your mission of professional publishing.

    As a Cal alumn, I regularly appreciate your candid reporting, but expect better from the Daily Cal than this.
    Without imposing appropriate standards for yourself, as an individual and for the Daily Cal, you run the risk of becoming a see-it-here-first gossip site, cashing in other people’s reputations for the sake of virality.

    I hope you will re-consider the timing of sharing names the next time a case like this arises, until more facts have been clarified.

    Note: This comment is not an attempt to “side” with either party in this particular story; it is an attempt to respect both sides here and in all future similar situations, by maintaining a fact-based justice and reporting system divorced from speculation. For as serious an issue as rape, you have an onus to be extra careful.

  • Hugh Jones

    Update: he was found to be innocent. See other daily cal article. Please update this one

  • Duncan McGee Nefcy

    Bail bondsmen normally only require like 10% down, so odds are, he didn’t post $100K, rather, he paid a bail bondsman $10K, none of which he’ll get back, and the bail bondsman posted the $100K which he’ll get back if the defendant shows up to ct, i think, but iunno, I don’t think this shit is covered in CrimPro :/

  • My point was that rape by intoxication is rape by intoxication, … regardless of social standing, race, etc. UC Berkeley (and the UC Regents) are pretending to take rape serious. Accused of the exact same crime (and not charged) John Dwyer (a privileged White Male) was the Dean of the (UC Berkeley) Boalt Hall School of Law (when he was accused of raping a female student). If any man should know that rape by intoxication is a crime, … John should have known (a lot of men don’t know it’s illegal). It’s funny how you call him a “Frat Boy.”

  • Isabella Ward

    Reminds me of the now infamous graffiti we had on Sather Gate a month ago … Maybe it is time to “kill frats” on campus?

  • “Department officers arrested Eugene Quillin, 20, on suspicion of raping a
    woman who could not resist due to intoxication. Two of the sexual
    assaults occurred at fraternities, and authorities said the third may
    have also taken place at a fraternity. The three victims were women.”

    This is the same crime committed by Dean of Boalt Hall School of Law, John Dwyer. He was never arrested, or charged with rape by intoxication.