What’s in your lunch?

Kai Ridenoure/Senior Staff

The holy grail of crafty scheduling: a midday gap. Between classes, study sessions and the obligations of daily life, a quick respite is necessary and satisfying. One of the more popular venues for afternoon breaks, Memorial Glade is a temporary home for nap-takers, restless scholars and lunch-eaters. This project examines the last category with a variety of Glade lunch-ers.

Whether carefully crafted Tupperware meal or quick bite purchased in between classes, there’s nothing quite like a fresh meal to break up the day. Dig in, and scroll on.
Yifat Amir, Sophomore
Lunch is: leftovers from home. Chicken, peas, broccoli, gluten-free corn pasta.

“If I don’t have leftovers, it’s this or teriyaki chicken with rice. I usually get my groceries from Safeway or Trader Joe’s.”

Na Fen, Visiting Scholar
Lunch is: bread from Costco.

“Sometimes, I go outside of the campus. Just to save time, sometimes I bring some bread or cookies for lunch. I don’t have any lab or microwave oven, so I just bring this for convenience.”

Joseph Hur, senior. Sarah Cho, alumna. David Miyamoto, senior.
Lunch is: egg casserole, Korean-style chicken, popcorn, fruit, Urbann Turbann.

It’s for a club.
Which club?
We’re all part of Christians on Campus.
Do you do this every week, or just today?
Every week.
Oh, shoot. Do a lot of people usually come?
Yeah, people come in and out. Whoever can stop by stops by. It’s very informal. People just bring their lunch and eat here. It’s kind of just a hang out.

Pong, UC Berkeley Class of 2014
Lunch is: a grilled cheese sandwich from Feel Good.

“I’m working in Berkeley, but I came back to get grilled cheese sandwiches. I used to be part of the club. It’s like a Wednesday ritual. They sell on Wednesdays and Fridays.”

Darian, first-year grad student
Lunch is: a German spelt bread sandwich with egg, tomato and mayo

“I’m from New Zealand, where the bread doesn’t have sugar. So I had to buy this artisan, special German spelt bread in order to not have sugar in my bread. I went to Berkeley Bowl on my first day here and I couldn’t tell whether I wanted the organic quinoa elbows or a bag of fortune cookies or, you know, cactus, or a bag of multicolored carrots. I didn’t know where to start.”

Marion, visiting researcher and second-year masters student at Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon
Lunch is: a pasta salad with tomatoes, green beans and ham.

“I usually make green salad with lettuce, but today I decided to make it with pasta because I was tired of salads and sandwiches.”

Reia Cho, sophomore, and Wes Adrianson, sophomore
Lunch is: a mushroom matar wrap and mushroom matar rice bowl.

“I love Urbann Turbann because their vegetarian stuff is so bomb.” — Wes

Hayley Laity, senior
Lunch is: brown-rice pasta with tomato, basil and tuna, a spring mix of lettuce, a scoop of hummus and a little tofu. Baby carrots (not pictured).

In food, like 6 to 7 to 8 to 10 dollars a meal adds up. I’m a huge money-saver, so I always try to save as much as I can so I can travel. I went all over Europe with my sister this summer, and I’m trying to go to Peru this winter.
Is this pretty typical?
I guess this, and I make stir fry and stuff. But … What’s that sandwich place?
Yeah! Whenever I have finals, I don’t give a shit about cooking because I’m always so busy, so I just grab a sandwich, boom. Or, like, Smart Alec’s.

Tara Schneider, first-year masters student
Lunch is: some brie and crackers, artichoke tapenade for a vegetable and a side of grapes.

“I’d never had the tapenade before, but I saw it on the shelf and I bought it, and couldn’t think of what to eat it with until today. This is pretty typical. I try to bring stuff that you don’t have to microwave. I also like to make pasta salads, now I’m making more quinoa salads and other kinds of grains.”

Camilo Lund, third-year grad student
Lunch is: a fried mix I made with chicken, snow peas, some asparagus and onion.

“I normally cook my lunches and eat them on campus. Usually stir-fry with rice, sometimes pasta, sometimes fish. I get my groceries either from Trader Joe’s, or there’s this Mexican place on San Pablo called Mi Tierra. It’s very good, good food, really cheap.”

Joel Grebel, senior
Lunch is: pasta (not pictured) and trail mix with Cheerios, raisins and nuts.

On a scale of one to culinary master, where are you?
Very low, so easy is best. I mixed this myself.