Weekender Picks

Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons

Ben Bradlee, the Washington Post newspaperman who orchestrated the paper’s Watergate coverage and was always on the hunt for the next great story, died this week. Read a riveting tribute to the bombastic, larger-than-life man by Time’s David von Drehle here.

He writes, “Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee was gliding through the newsroom of the Washington Post, pushing a sort of force field ahead of him like the bow wave of a vintage Chris-Craft motor yacht. All across the vast expanse of identical desks, faces turned toward him — were pulled in his direction — much as a field of flowers turns toward the sun. We were powerless to look away.”

Wonderful writing to honor a wonderful man. Check out the full piece, it’s worth the five minutes.

—Libby Rainey


FXX just made all 550 episodes of The Simpson’s available on the web at Simpson’s World. Let the time wasting begin.

—Curan Mehra


Read an interesting reflection on the year 1964 written by Frank Rich for New York Magazine. Also, this week’s episode of This American Life on punishment in schools is both troubling and fascinating—definitely worth listening to.

—Anya Schultz