Opponents of Measure S criticize city for high legal expenditure

Ariel Hayat/File
Stefan Elgstrand, second from the left, said he has accrued $25,000 in debt in legal fees as a participant in the city's redistricting lawsuit.

As Berkeley voters head to the polls Tuesday to vote on a measure that dictates the boundaries of the city’s student-majority district, opponents of the measure are openly criticizing the city for what they consider exceedingly high amounts of money spent on a lawsuit over the proposed lines.
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Student political organizations focus on 2 city measures

Of the seven measures featured on the Berkeley city ballot, two have garnered the particular attention of student political groups for their potential to affect student life at UC Berkeley.

Students have directed their attention primarily to issues regarding redistricting and taxation for this year’s election.
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Students: Vote to show we care

Vote yes on Measure D to support kids, public health and a type of leadership the rest of the country can follow. Vote no on Measure S and join us in supporting the creation of an independent commission to redraw City Council districts to fairly represent all Berkeley residents.
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