Yes, you pump-CAN: vegan pumpkin bread

Fall is certainly upon us: We can walk to class without regretting wearing a jacket, we no longer have to switch over to iced coffee when the day heats up and, most notably, it’s officially pumpkin season. For those of us who still haven’t tossed out our maggot-y pumpkin remains
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Shrinky Dink creations with Lieyah Dagan

We at the Clog sat down with Lieyah Dagan, a Bare Magazine photographer and artist. She does some pretty cool stuff with water colors, sharpies and lots of other things. Check out our interview with her below. The Daily Californian: What about art inspires you? Lieyah Dagan: Well, in general,
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How to deal with Halloween withdrawal

Here at the Clog, we don’t know how to deal with the end of Halloween. We haven’t gotten our fix of weird costumes, candy and tacky scary movies yet — we just want more time! We admit that we might not be the experts on dealing with Halloween withdrawal, but
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How to meet your significant other in Berkeley

Here at the Clog, we’re acutely aware of the fact that our alumni got called out as some of the nation’s least-dateable people. We Cloggers reject that. Have you looked in a mirror lately? You’re beautiful. There are plenty of ways to meet your significant other in Berkeley. Just read our handy list of five
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Book sets out to prove Lil Wayne’s genius

There will come a time in the life of every hip-hop fan when he or she will be called upon to defend the art form. We are told that rapping is not really an art, that it is a bastardized form of gutter poetry or that it is intolerable for
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Family frailty exposed in Swedish film ‘Force Majeure’

A word-of-mouth critical darling and a Cannes Film Festival prize winner, Ruben Ostlund’s  “Force Majeure” has the classic markings of European art house, for better or for worse. Ostlund renders the brooding interiorities of a vacationing family with the same breathtaking grandeur as that of wintry summits of the French
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French singer Soko speaks about her tour with Foster the People

French singer-songwriter, actress, director and artist Soko (nee Stephanie Sokolinski) likes to keep busy. Just in March, she and her song “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow” rose to fame in America via the viral video “First Kiss.” Soko has built an extensive career — she has acted in several
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‘Harry Thaw’ is provocative but disappoints

The lights grow dim, and the infamous Evelyn Nesbit (Rosie Hallett) appears under a spotlight on stage. With all eyes on her, she begins a monologue, describing a series of events based on an early-20th-century scandal. A glimpse into a provocative piece of gossip, this monologue builds into “Harry Thaw
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