Guide to a healthy holiday season!

Tips for a healthy holiday season

The holidays are in full swing, so it is totally justified to serenade your roommate with carols and rock out to Pandora’s Michael Buble station while studying in a public place. We can already smell the turkey and sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving dinner. Once Thanksgiving passes, ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas” will start
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Pretty Oat Bars

No-bake oat bars recipe

We love shopping at Whole Foods. We love walking down the aisles of organic kale chips and pondering exactly how nutritional yeast can constitute as “nacho cheese.” We love staring longingly at beautifully packaged glass bottles of milk through clear fridge doors. We love sneaking more sample snacks than is
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Sather Tower, Berkeley 2

Wait, the Campanile’s bells aren’t automated?

The carillon, man. The carillon. It’s what all the cool kids are playing these days. It’s replaced the melodica as the current quirky musical flavor of the month. But this instrument is a bit more cumbersome than the travel-friendly melodica. We bet that all of you are just dying to know where
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Love that lasts: Berkeley’s four-year couples

On their first date as freshmen, they saw “Drive.” “Which I didn’t know was a date,” said Sarah. “It was pretty clear that this was a date,” replied Nick. “I’m not going to go see a date movie because we’re going on a date. I’m going to go see a
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