A Winter Road Trip

Sierra Brown/Staff

The photo essay below captures the essential beauty of a road trip through the American Southwest.

Delicate Arch sprinkled in fresh snow at Arches National Park, Utah.

A fence blanketed with snow after a recent storm in Goblin Valley, Utah.

Deer peer timidly through aspen trees in Utah’s Dixie National Forest.

Aspen trees in a frozen forest as twilight approaches, Utah.

Brightly colored spires form Bryce Canyon National Park in southwestern Utah.

Visitors to Death Valley’s Badwater Basin (California) walk along miles of natural salt flats. At 282 feet below sea level, the Basin is the lowest point in North America.

The Sierra Nevada mountain range overlooks a country road in Bishop, California.

Sierra Brown is a photographer for The Daily Californian. Contact her at [email protected]