More pet hugs at UC Berkeley

Christina Fossum/Staff
Conway, the black and white boxer mix

We always seem to feel weighted down by the dreaded stresses of school. Who cares that we fail to face a snowmageddon quite similar to that of our comrades in the Northeast, or that unlike our quarter system sidekicks, we don’t even yet have midterms to blame for our ever-increasing blood pressure. UC Berkeley is a taxing place, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Lucky for us, University Health Services makes it their mission to serve as a resource to our sometimes fragile mental health. And what better way to swap anxiety for warm fuzzies than with PET HUGS?!?


Provided by the “Pet Hug Pack” from Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation, therapy animals will be storming UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza the first Tuesday of every month for the remainder of the semester. Aside from the fact that dogs are widely accepted as humans’ best friends, therapy dogs are actually scientifically shown to help relieve stress. Petting a dog, for a typical student, will surely brighten his or her day. According to the Animal Rescue Foundation’s website, other than simply serving as a much needed break from studying, therapy animals actually are shown to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety in humans who interact with them. The unconditionally loving, trained animals from the “Pet Hug Pack” warm the hearts of thousands in and around Contra Costa County every year.



Students agree that the monthly insurgence of canines in no way dampens their moods. Whether in need of a mid-day pick-me-up from Conway, an afternoon cuddle session with Maddie or perhaps even a lick-attack from Valley, students can count on “Pet Hugs” to brighten their days and bring back the quaint memories of their pre-college lives, lives filled with slobbery tennis balls and warm puppy eyes awaiting their return home from school every afternoon … or maybe that’s just us here at the Clog! Regardless, don’t forget to swing by Sproul the first Tuesday of the month for the rest of this semester to rejuvenate and decompress with FREE PET HUGS!



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