Picks of the Week

The Photographer's Gallery/Courtesy
“Untitled” from the series Brooklyn Gang, 1959

The new exhibition at the Photographers’ Gallery, entitled “We Could Be Heroes,” presents the excitement of being young. Focusing on the postwar era, the exhibit captures the mix of optimism and defiance that defined a generation. If you’re lucky enough to be in London any time from now until April 12, be sure to stop by. Otherwise, take a look here for more samples from the gallery.

— Curan Mehra


The Sundance Institute’s “The Hunting Ground” grapples with the prevalence of sexual assaults on college campuses — including UC Berkeley. At the core of the film are the testimonies from sexual assault survivors. But the work also seeks to understand the infectious nature of rape culture from a standpoint of individual and institutional cover-ups and victim-shaming. This is a film that invites all audiences; look out for its future release.

— Zoe Kleinfeld


On Tuesday, Sam Cossman, a filmmaker and entrepreneur who is wildly chasing his dreams, released footage of his adventure into Vanuatu’s Marum Crater. The video, titled “Lava splashes drone inside active volcano” on YouTube, has some amazing clips of the volcano’s lava lake taken by drones. Cossman’s team has sent some volcanic soil samples they collected to NASA, and these samples will be on a Mars rover that is scheduled to launch in 2020. In the video, Cossman says, “As kids, we’re gifted with an amazing sense of awe, and yet somehow time has a way of slowly taking that away from us.” But Cossman’s project alone is enough to instill a sense of childhood awe in just about anyone.

— Nicole White

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