Drunk Poetry

I work at your sorority


I am so mindfucked

I serve you dinner sometimes

You don’t even know I exist

I do :) (she confiscated my notebook and wrote this last part while I was dreaming of leaving)



Feelings are fun to feel

the rhythmic discordance of my heart

makes a song that hurts

but is quite nice too

I fall in love

or infatuation

so easily

half pony jabrony

fuck with my rhythmic incapacity

Drunk reruns of my little pony





wine and truth or dare

so this is what intercultural exploration

intersexual exploration

feels like

I want to

Fall in love

with every person I meet

Could you let me please?

How could a brotha express that?


Only wine

Only wine

gives one the honest range of

their intricate emotional complex

Do I love her like I told her I did?

Shit hahaha definitely not.

Does that mean that that feeling was

not rill rill?

Legit embodiment of how I feel?

Hell no.

Brian Wilson

Singing about some mundane shit.

Mind is spinning

Where is the mothership



Cole Becker is a staff writer for The Weekender. Contact him at [email protected]

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