Hashtag used in ASUC campaign announcement spurs controversy


ASUC Senate candidate Sumayyah Din’s hashtag “dintifada” sparked controversy on social media this week because of its play on the word “intifada.”

An independent candidate backed by the campus Middle Eastern Muslim Sikh and South Asian coalition, Din announced her candidacy Sunday and is running on a platform that includes police reform and increased accountability for the campus’s Division of Equity & Inclusion. A description on her Facebook profile picture announcing her candidacy for senate included the word along with other puns on her last name.

Din said she chose to use the word intifada partly because it means “shaking off, resistance, rebellion and uprising.” She said because her last name colloquially means faith, she intended “dintifada” to invoke the idea of “faith-filled rebellion” to oppression of all kinds.

Several people on websites and social media, however, criticized her use of the word, which is often associated with intensified periods of violence between Israel and Palestine. On Monday, the campus group Bears for Israel posted a screenshot of Din’s profile picture description and called the use of the word “damaging and terrifying,” saying that it “marginalizes a minority group” and asking for an apology.

“The word ‘intifada’ has a lot of really negative connotations, implications and memories,” said Naomi Movshovich, vice president of Bears for Israel. “(It was) a very bloody time for both Israelis and Palestinians.”

Movshovich added that because Din would make decisions on issues affecting all UC Berkeley students as a senator, she ought to “be mindful of what she says or how she says it.”

The pro-Israel advocacy organization StandWithUs called the hashtag characteristic of the “ridiculous rhetoric (that) continues to engulf the UC student government system” in a post on its Facebook page, calling it “inappropriate” and “offensive.”

To address the controversy over the word, Din wrote an op-ed published online in The Daily Californian on Tuesday to explain her rationale.

“I cherish (the word’s) meaning, because it requires that even in dire circumstances, like the occupation of the Palestinian territories, there is still hope, and a need to fight on,” Din said in an email. “As a Pakistani-Afghan woman, I also face struggles on a daily basis that other folks might not understand.”

Din’s friend, UC Berkeley freshman Faisal Mohmand, said the names Din has been called since the criticism spread online have been offensive and not appropriate. Mohmand said Din strives to create a safe environment on campus.

Din has also emphasized that she supported a bill condemning anti-Semitism that was passed by the ASUC Senate last month. Moving forward, Din said she hope to help initiate more conversation among students to further the dialogue precipitated by this word.

“The hashtag ‘dintifada’ has created this space on campus … that can go into any direction,” she said. “Another way we can use this space is to create a conversation.”

Frances Fitzgerald covers student life. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter @f_fitzgerald325.

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  • Phan_N

    I wrote in detail about this “controversy” here:

    Four points need to be made:

    1. The group StandWithUs, which is cited in the article as having taken offense at the “Dintifada” hashtag, elicited numerous responses on its Facebook wall that explicitly called for Din’s death or deportation and that were racist, Islamophobic, and xenophobic. It is difficult to appreciate how people who are explicitly hurling racist slurs and calling for violence can expect to be taken seriously when they claim that a made-up word hurts their supposedly fragile sensibilities.

    2. Bears for Israel is a member of the Jewish Student Union, which has twice rejected the admission of the liberal Zionist organization J Street U by claiming that J Street also offends their sensibilities. Thus the problem is much greater than “#Dintifada.” It’s an attempt to censor political viewpoints by labeling them as “triggering.” As can be seen in the case of J Street U, even liberal Zionist Jews can be labeled as “triggering” to other Jews.

    3. If the word “Intifada” and its made-up derivative, “Dintifada,” are so “triggering” to Jews, why have members of the Israeli Likud party and conservative Israeli analysts such as Meir Javedanfar used the term “Intifada” with positive connotations, as detailed in my article linked above?

    4. The term “intifada” has had broad usage and has been used to refer to the Green Movement in Iran and to the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon. It has been used in the context of both violent struggles and strictly nonviolent struggles. One might as well be offended by the word “revolution.” Those who claim to be “triggered” by the use of the word “intifada” are actually being triggered by their own ignorance and stereotypes. The solution is not to ban the word, but for such people to educate themselves.

    • Dan Spitzer

      Wow-another citation from the anti-Semitic website Mondoweiss. People on this site have said that Zionists collaborated with the Third Reich on the Holocaust to justify Jews fleeing to what is now Israel. Mondoweiss, like KKK leader David Duke, has printed the likes of Jew-hating Allison Weiss who maintains the old canard that Jews engage in blood libel, etc. Hence one should be more than wary of ANYTHING garnered from Mondoweiss.

      Indeed, Zionists-or those who say they are-are free to differ and perhaps not associate with others who call themselves Zionists. And Israelis themselves often openly differ. Israel is a free, democratic society where you will have government policy openly castigated by Israeli citizens who are Arabs. Not so Palestinians who can be jailed in the W. Bank if they don’t agree with PLA leadership or are executed in Gaza if they criticize Hamas. And do we ever see on campuses pro-Palestinians who do not work or speak in lockstep with one another?

      Finally, as I said, walk around campus or any American city and ask people how they might define the term “intifada.” If they express have any opinion, you can be certain that 9 out of 10 will correlate the word with Palestinian terrorism.

      The above is why Ms. Din is such a divisive force and should not serve on the ASUC…

      • robman012

        Yeah, this liberal JEWISH website is anti-Semitic!!!!! And cant wait to see Israel’s open democracy…you know, the one were Jews in the West Bank have voting rights but the Palestinians don’t because its “too many” of them. Of course, they cant vote because they aren’t Jewish. But don’t worry, at least Israel allows them to vote for a sham government that Israel can dissolve at any moment…because…you know…they live under a separate legal system–military law to be exact– just like in South Africa!!!!!

        • Dan Spitzer

          What a moronic comment. And those who don’t realize that which is written so much on Mondoweiss (see my post above-and yes it was started by a kapo like those who are stooges for SJP on UC campuses) has no clue as to what the term anti-Semitic consists of and, in your case Rob, is representative of such haters.
          In the W. Bank, when the PLA permits it, elections have indeed been held and until Hamas garnered a majority of the vote (which included voters in the W. Bank and Gaza), the PLA was regularly elected. Of course, when that Father of Palestinian Terrorism, the Palestinian hero Yassir Arafat, still was living, he was always elected or chosen, even though he robbed his people blind. (Today, his widow is one of the richest women in France–guess where she got her money?)
          The Palestinians can and do vote in Israel if they so choose, even though people like the PLA and Gaza leadership tell them not to. Nevertheless, there are some Arabs who were elected to the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) and today are an active part of the Knesset. On the other hand, it is utterly unimaginable that any Jew would be EVER permitted to vote in the Palestinian territories.
          It will never cease to amaze me how supporters of SJP on campus ignore the savagery seen daily throughout the Muslim world, with hundreds of killings by Shiite vs Sunni (and reverse), Sunni (ISIS, Al Queda, and the parent organization of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood) butchering Christians, women and gays being horrifyingly abused, and dissenters being jailed or killed (all of the latter seen also as practiced by regularly by those fine Palestinians you fools champion).
          That you have focused upon the world’s sole Jewish state instead of condemning that which is happening throughout the Islamic would lead any individual with neurons functioning to logically conclude what Jew-haters SJP/MSA, their loony left supporters (including JVP) and yes, Ms. Din are. The notion of Ms. Din and Ms. Navid both serving on ASUC should be repulsive to the UCB student body…

        • Arafat

          often wonder how a human brain like robman’s takes all information coming into it and changes
          reality into just the opposite. Beyond my comprehension what makes a lib brain
          become so stupid.

        • Dan Spitzer

          Here’s a little sampling from a recent Mondoweiss. Unfortunately, the following is all too typical of the website. You decide if it is anti-Semitic or not:

          The subject of a flattering profile on Mondoweiss, writer Yeshua-Lyth
          introduced herself at a conference by saying: “I remember myself as a
          journalist explaining that a secular democratic state is actually a call
          for the annihilation of Israel. Today I say the same thing. It’s true,
          but now I support it.”

          Again, this is typical of those whose written commentary is regularly seen on
          the Mondoweiss website. The site even includes regular renditions of those who say that Zionists worked with the Nazis during the Holocaust to justify the sending of Jews to what is today’s Israel. Is that anti-Semitic enough for you?

    • Arafat


      I’ve lost track of the words people use to describe Muslim violence. Call it intifada, jihad, insurrection, revolution, armed struggle, or whatever, it all boils down to one thing. Islam and its embrace of violence against all others.

      • Wow! So people have a flexible vocabulary and know how to use synonyms! I’m so impressed by this observation.

        Of course some Muslims use the Qu’ran to justify violence. But that doesn’t make the Qu’ran a uniquely evil book. There are passages in the Torah as well that can be used to justify genocide. Just last week the hard right Israel National News published an op-ed piece calling for Israel to nuke Iran and Germany, based on Biblical passages about Amalek.


        • Arafat

          Robin, your grasp of reality is equally impressive! LOL
          But I was wondering how do you – in your fairytale reality world – explain why there are 1.4 billion Muslims and only 14 million Jews if their holy books are equally violent?
          Robin, your foolishness is so transparent. Why do you hate your own people? What did your parents do to you?

          • I fail to see how the relative numbers of Jews and Muslims can be used as an
            indicator of which book is more evil. And just so you don’t think I only criticize the Qu’ran and the Torah, the New Testament has passages that endorse slavery (as does the Qu’ran and the Torah). So I’m an equal opportunity critic of religion.

            Why do I hate my own people? First, you assume to know who my people are and that I hate them. I am an American, and my first loyalty is to the U.S. It is not unquestioning loyalty. I do not believe America–right or wrong. And good Americans should question and oppose their government when it does evil things. As should all people of every government.

            I assume your question “Why do you hate your own people” is your illiterate way of asking why I hate Israel. Well I don’t hate Israel for what it is, but I hate what its government is doing. Israel should be a state designed for the protection of Jews, and not a “Jewish State”–and it should be roughly defined by its 1967 borders.

            To understand the difference between Jewish State and a state designed for the protection of Jews, see these two posts



            As far as why I criticize Israel, see this.


            I have answered your questions. That was probably overgenerous on my part, seeing how your post was little more than a semi-coherent ad hominum attack. Now it’s time for you to answer mine. I see by clicking the link to your “name” that you have made 7,949 posts on lots and lots of different forums. Of course, I haven’t read them all, but just about every one of them that I’ve read has either

            1) Attacked Islam and its defenders.

            2) Defended Israel

            3) Bashed anyone who dared criticize Israel or justified Islam.

            Now, I know FOR A FACT that Israel pays people to post their spin anonymously on the internet. The IDF has also organized a “game” which allows players to become “virtual soldiers” and rewards them to post Israeli propaganda






            So my question for you is this–Regular people who have to work at a job do not have the time or energy to post as often as you do. Nor do they focus all their attention on one subject through so many posts. Are you paid by Israel–either directly or indirectly through a third party, for your posting activity. If not by Israel, are you paid by an Israeli settler or religious group? Are you paid by anyone, and if so by whom?

            If you are being paid then you should refund their money. Though the quantity of your posts is admirable, the quality is sorely lacking. You are probably doing them more harm than good.

          • Arafat

            Robin writes, “Israel should be a state designed for the protection of Jews, and not a “Jewish State”–and it should be roughly defined by its 1967 borders.”
            Small detail, Robin, Israel’s experts determine what land needs control for the protection of Israeli citizens (Muslims and Jews and Christians and all others), you don’t have that authority or expertise.
            These Israeli experts may or may not be right, but they have consistently (not universally) determined that sections of the West Bank must be controlled to protect Israeli citizens. Now you may not like this, but that’s your problem. I’m more concerned with keeping Muslim jihadists from blowing up Israeli buses and slitting the throats of young Jewish children.

          • Arafat

            I do not get paid, Robin. I do it because I care about right and wrong. I care about Christian and Jewish values. Things like Judaism’s embrace of education, questioning, respect for life. Things like Christianity’s Golden Rule.
            And I also care about wrong and about calling it out for what it is. Islam is wrong. Islam’s core values – supremaicsm, repression of most all individual rights and equality – are wrong.
            You see things differently and obviously have a very high regard for yourself and your opinions. Neville Chamberlain was a lot like you: A pompous idiot who couldn’t tell the difference between good and evil.

  • Roi

    As a Jewish and Israel student, I must admit that I do not appreciate what “Bears for Israel” are doing. They are trying to produce a scandal out of nothing. Din has already clarified her opinions in a letter that was widely read – there is nothing in her agenda that threatens Jewish or Israel students. Enough. Move on.

    The problem seems to be in “Bears of Israel”, not in Din: in case you don’t know, this group is an AIPAC branch active in campus (AIPAC is Israel’s main lobbying organization in Washington DC). Their goal is not to facilitate understanding and eliminate conflict in campus, but to create as much turmoil as they can in order to further Israel’s interest. They do not make me feel safer: they just create more misunderstandings and conflict.

    I don’t know what they’re trying to do, but they certainly managed to convince me to vote for Sumayyah Din.

    • Dan Spitzer

      Ah, yes. Kapo Roi “from Israel” (he has and will repeat this ad nauseum) makes another appearance, still oblivious to the Hamas Charter which says that the Palestinian’s favorite political party, Hamas, as well as some senior members of the “moderate” PLA, are devoted to the planet-wide killing of all Jews. Roi of course fails to comprehend that this means his family (if he has any in Israel) as well as his Jewish friends everywhere.

      On the other hand, Ms. Din knows this very well as evidenced by her hashtag incorporating her name that “intifada” is correlated with the killing of any and every Israeli when the opportunity arises. The intifada also led to the death by Palestinian terrorists of numerous Arabs of Israeli citizenship, but this doesn’t appear trouble Ms. Din, Mr. Roi, or the likes of Hat em Bazian.

      It borders on the absurd to see Mr. Roi castigate Bears for Israel for “creating more misunderstandings.” It’s pretty clear that this is PRECISELY what Ms. Din has done.

      Mr. Roi, we all know you are a supporter of SJP. So it hardly comes as a surprise that you are voting for Ms. Din. None of us are influenced in the least by your using your citizenship (assuming this is true) to Palestinian Islamofascism. That’s why the moniker of “kapo” fits you to the proverbial “T.”

      • Phan_N

        This type of comment is indicative of the attitude of those offended by the word “intifada.” Dan Spitzer finds the term “intifada” offensive, but doesn’t mind using the Holocaust-alluding term “Kapo” (essentially “race traitor”) against a Jewish person with whom he disagrees.

        Who’s being insensitive here?

        • Dan Spitzer

          Unlike Sumayyah Din, I am not running for student government.

          Ms. Din, who says she wants to represent all students, has a hashtag incorporating acts of murder by Palestinians who advocate Jewish genocide. Correspondingly, Ms. Din may deny this to the high heavens, but her “positive” addition (which she herself has noted) of the term used by terrorists who wish to kill Jews shows that she too advocates this. Accordingly, Ms. Din is unfit to have a seat on the ASUC.

          Moreover, on this commentary site there are some compliant Jews, the sort of people who Lenin called “convenient idiots,” who aim to support those who preach Jewish genocide. Hence, they more than fit the description of “kapos.”

        • Arafat

          Phan N’s comment is indicative of people who ignore what Muslims are doing all over the world – gang raping helpless women, kidnapping helpless children, beheading helpless journalists.

          Sure what they’re doing is not called intifada it’s just called jihad instead.

      • Dan Spitzer

        According to AP, Hamas now has an AskHamas site:

        According to the social media analytics website Topsy, the AskHamas hashtag generated 36,000 tweets in a single day. Some tweeters asked Hamas about their use of suicide bombers in buses, cafes and other civilian areas during the Palestinian Intifada.
        Journalist Jeffery Goldberg asked “Why did you murder 30 civilians, including 20 people over the age of 70, at a Passover Seder in Netanya in 2002?”

        Pictures of Palestinian children at rallies where gunmen wore suicide bomber vests and waved guns were posted. Some users made a point of mentioning how senior Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal spent the recent Gaza war in his hotel room in Doha. One wrote: “Are your brave billionaire ‘leaders’ still urging you and your childrento martyrdom from the luxury of a 5-star hotel in Qatar?”

        Others tweeters chose to take things in a humorous direction. An image of a gunman in a white face mask with militant headband was postedwith the caption: “What happens if he sneezes?”
        Another wrote: “When is the Gaza City gay pride parade this year?” Homosexuality is taboo in Hamas-ruled Gaza.

        Another asked: “Will you be publicly executing the person that came up with the idea to #AskHamas?”

        Most of the questions went unanswered.

    • Arafat

      As a Muslim student I know Sumayyah quite well and know she will use taqiyya to fool westerners any chance she gets. Like most Muslims she’s very adept at saying what people want to hear and then doing the opposite.

      • Phan_N

        Here, the person who goes by the name “Arafat” claims to be a “Muslim student” and to know Sumayyah Din “quite well.” Elsewhere, this same commenter refers to Muslims in the third person and has a history of attacking Islam and defending Israel in comments on articles published by campus newspapers all over the US:


        As I’ve already stated, it’s ironic that those who claim to be “offended” by the word “intifada” are so quick to hurl racist and Islamophobic rhetoric against those with whom they disagree.

        • Arafat

          Phan, Can I assume you are referring to Islamophobes like the following people?


          Patriarch Cyrus of Alexandria on Islam

          “I am afraid that God has sent these men to lay waste the world”.


          Gregory Palamus of Thessalonica on Islam

          “For these impious people, hated by God and infamous, boast of having got the better of the Romans by their love of God…they live by the bow, the sword and debauchery, finding pleasure in taking slaves, devoting themselves to murder, pillage, spoil and not only do they commit these crimes, but even – what an aberration – they believe that God approves of them. This is what I think of them, now that I know precisely about their way of life.”

          • Arafat

            Or, Phan, are you referring to Islamophobes like these people?

            Vernon Richards on Islam

            “The true Islamic concept of peace goes something like this:’Peace comes through submission to Muhammad and his concept of Allah'(i.e. Islam). As such the Islamic concept of peace, meaning making the whole world Muslim, is actually a mandate for war. It was inevitable and unavoidable that the conflict would eventually reach our borders, and so it has.”


            Andre Servier on Islam

            “Islam was not a torch, as has been claimed, but an extinguisher. Conceived in a barbarous brain for the use of a barbarous people, it was – and it remains – incapable of adapting itself to civilization. Wherever it has dominated, it has broken the impulse towards progress and checked the evolution of society.”

          • Arafat

            Or am I misunderstanding you, Phan, and are you instead referring to Islamophobes like these people instead?


            John Quincy Adams on Islam

            “The precept of the Koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God. The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute; the victorious may be appeased by a false and delusive promise of peace; and the faithful follower of the prophet, may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective. The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force.”


            John Wesley on Islam

            “Ever since the religion of Islam appeared in the world, the espousers of it…have been as wolves and tigers to all other nations, rending and tearing all that fell into their merciless paws, and grinding them with their iron teeth; that numberless cities are raised from the foundation, and only their name remaining; that many countries, which were once as the garden of God, are now a desolate wilderness; and that so many once numerous and powerful nations are vanished from the earth! Such was, and is at this day, the rage, the fury, the revenge, of these destroyers of human kind.”

          • Arafat

            Phan, let’s just cut to the chase, here, OK?

            An Islamophobe is a person who understands Islam. It is a person who understands Islam’s core tenets including subjugation of all non-Muslims through jihad. It is a person who understands Islam’s role in conquering, killing, raping and torturing people from Indonesia to Morocco and from NW China down to the Maldives.

            Isn’t that right?

  • SamXie

    Its almost as though Sumayyah Din is using this for free publicity for her campaign….

    • Danny Keane

      Yeah, blackmailing and threats notwithstanding, she should totally send a bunch of flowers to the Israel lobby. What a lucky girl.

  • A safe environment on campus is not one in which a candidate for ASUC uses terms that divide the campus very clearly. A safe environment on campus is not one in which a candidate for ASUC refuses to stop justifying the division of students using these terms.

    What’s worse is, Din asked students to reach out to her. Well, I did. Almost immediately. I wrote a polite email expressing my point of view, available to all who want to read it and see precisely how politely I attempted to express the fact that this term is inconsistent with her vision for the campus as a candidate. I wrote that email…shortly after midnight on March 11th (so, over two and a half days ago). I have received no response.

    This is not how a candidate for ASUC should behave.

    • Hanna

      Ever consider she has an entire media storm at the moment and can hardly focus on her classes?

      • She said no one responded before, I guess all of a sudden she has a media storm? Alright! She asked students to respond, I did, got nothing back! Oh well.

        • Guest

          Just out of curiosity, when did she say that? I know her personally and she has been blackmailed for a few days now.

          • In her op-ed?


            **”It highly troubles me that no students from this campus have personally reached out to me about their concerns.** Although I am not in office, I would like to be as open and accessible as I can be. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at [email protected]. I am happy to meet with any concerned students on this campus and help foster a safe space for dialogue with all students here.”

          • Nadeem

            Or-el, you’re being disingenuous. She wrote nobody contact her for dialogue in her op-ed, when nobody was contacting her. The media storm happened after the op-ed, quite naturally. If you’re really interested in dialogue then please cut the BS.

          • She urged people to contact her. A media storm went on before the op-ed: Bears for Israel posted it, StandWithUs posted it, then the op-ed came out. I sent my message as soon as the op-ed came out. I sent my email just a few hours after.

            It has been over 5 full days. I was one of the first to send the messages *she asked for*. She has not answered a message that was sent *5 days ago* about something she asked for opinions on.

            If she can’t handle that, and can’t respond to my concern when it comes in so quickly, am I being disingenuous for pointing it out? I don’t think so. 5 days? To respond to an email similar to the rest she probably got (when they warrant a response, anyways)?

            I’m not disingenuous, just honest.

          • Dan Spitzer

            I doubt if Din has been blackmailed. If she had been, you can bet she and her puppet master Hat em Bazian would be running by the police. Right?

            This kind of allegation is typical of the sort of rhetoric utilized by the pro-Palestinian minion. And this affords yet one more reason why they have so little credibility…

      • Dan Spitzer

        Hanna, if this is true I’m cry’in in my beer for this poor, benighted advocate of Jewish genocide. Din can do the right thing and get back to focusing upon her classes by acknowledging that she has further divided the campus and thus should drop out as a candidate for student government…

      • Arafat

        Oh. Poor. Baby.

    • Danny Keane

      Right. A safe campus environment is one where the Israel lobby determines what people are allowed and not allowed to say. 1984, here we come.


      • Dan Spitzer

        Talk about trolls Mr. (Not So) Keane–look in the mirror.

        Every time I hear or read comments from the pro-Palestinian movement about AiPAC, I laugh. The Saudis and Emirates have poured billions into the Palestinians coffers and lobbied extensively on their behalf. Their oil financed lobbies are financially formidable. Qatar has provided Hamas with huge sums to buy munitions. And, of course, ISIS, Al Queda, Hezbollah and the Iranian theocracy are staunch friends and allies of the Palestinian “cause.”

      • Bob

        Interesting. You know 1984 is one year after Palestinian terrorists car-bombed the barracks of U.S. Marine and French peacekeepers during the night killing 299 soldiers. I’m no fan of Israel, seriously the Israelis may be the most rude, obnoxious people on the planet, but American students should educate themselves about the atrocities that Palestinians have committed against American troops and civilians. Frankly, I wish American universities would send ALL Palestinian and Israeli students back to the Middle East until they solve their issues peacefully or through war. Don’t care which. Just sick of this foreign crap taking up so much wasted time and energy on this and every other American campus.

        • Phan_N

          Bob needs an education, as he resorts to stereotypes to cover up for his ignorance. The 1983 bombings of the foreign military barracks in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War were not attributed to Palestinians.

      • Arafat

        The enemy is now within the gate. The jihadists are beheading
        Americans in their places of work. Apologists for evil (Danny) cannot discern what is
        happening. Their moral vision is based on prejudice and a priori thought rather
        than an understanding of foundational Islam and Islamic history.

  • Dan Spitzer

    Do Cal students want to be represented by someone who celebrates the Palestinian intifadas during which time, after every successfully suicide bombing of civilians (over 1000 Israelis were murdered), the Palestinian proponents of intifada celebrated by dancing in the streets and giving out candies to their kids? Both the PLA and Hamas have named streets and public squares after intifada suicide bombers.

    Of course, as an outspoken supporter of the Palestinian cause Ms. Din so openly advocates, she doubtless knows that the Palestinians also danced in the streets just after the fall of the Twin Towers. Naturally, as all polls in Islamic countries (including the Palestinian territories) reveal, a majority of Muslims have long believed that Israel and Bush were behind 9/11.

    This underscores the lack of credibility of Ms. Din and Ms. Navid, who support such people. And as they both celebrate the Palestinian “cause,” they thereby are working on behalf of a people whose own polls show that their favorite political party is Hamas, whose charter calls for worldwide Jewish genocide…

    • Dan Spitzer

      This past week could be titled “Din-er Week at the Daily Cal.” First the paper wrote about Din’s candidacy in a front page story. Then for two days the DC website put Din’s op-ed online and published her op-ed today. And, of course, today we have a front page story on Din’s outrageous hashtag of Dintifada with defensive comments from the subject as well as further justification from Ms. Din in the op-ed.
      All this reflects what appears to be the DC’s biases. When the ASUC voted for a subcommittee to examine anti-Semitism, it took two days for the story to appear on line. In early February, out of six Daily Cal issues, there were three 3 page 1 stories on BDS, an op-ed on it, and even a fawning review of an anti-Israeli photograph exhibition. I wrote a letter to the editor about this, which was, of course, not printed.
      Although the NY Times (front page) and The Atlantic ran major stories about what many believe to be an anti-Semitic decision by the ASUC at UCLA, not a word in the DC. Moreover, not a word about Janet Napolitano and the Head of the UC Regents excoriating anti-Semitism on the UC campus. And utter silence about 150 Stanford faculty a few days ago condemning the BDS vote there.
      If the Daily Cal wishes to be perceived as the UCB paper of record, it would behoove its editorial staff to try to be a bit more balanced when it comes to issues of Israel/Palestine. Of course, it would likely be even better for Cal students if issues which really impact upon them were investigated…

      • Gene Nelson

        Yes, Dan. All the world conspires against you and yours.