Expectation vs. reality: Spring Break

Oh Spring Break, the vacation from school that indicates the approaching summer vacation. We are half way through the semester and this break is just what we need to refuel and ultimately end the school year with a bang. But beware, because this week-long vacation will go by quickly, so try to take advantage of it while you can. And if you don’t, if this week passes like any other, then at least know that you are not alone, because we at the Clog have decided to illustrate some typical Spring Break outcomes.

1. Expectation: I will use this free time to exercise.


    Reality: The gym is full, there’s pollen outside and the internal struggle continues.



2. Expectation: I will catch up on work and maybe even get ahead!


    Reality: It’s the middle of the semester and I’ve already done so much. I deserve a break.



3. Expectation: I will eat healthy meals.


Reality: Carbs = life.



4. Expectation: It’s party time!


    Reality: Netflix, you’re my one true friend. You’re my safe place.



5. Expectation: Beach, tanning, bonfires and such.


    Reality: Everyone has the same idea.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 5.59.51 PM


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