Picks of the Week


In philosophy news, Immanuel Kant’s home was marked with graffiti that reads: “Kanit is a moron.” Jokes abound, news reports stated, “With Arthur Schopenhauer dead for 155 years, however, authorities start off with few strong leads.” Read more here.

–Curan Mehra

Matter Mag published this haunting account of individual realities in Selma, Alabama. “What,” asks the author, “do you do with your life after history has claimed someone close to you?” Rather than focalizing around the mass destruction that seems a perilous threat to the town’s endurance, the article grapples with a long-standing history of racial divides from the standpoint of individual stories and delves into the nuances whether individual acts of heroism against longstanding practices of racial divide were “worth it.” Moreover, it does so without sounding trite or didactic or condescending. This is thought-provoking literature—a journalistic gem among masses of soulless iterations of similar stories.

–Zoe Kleinfeld

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