Spring break in Berkeley can be fun, too

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To the out-of-staters, the international students and the plain lazy out there, we get it. Spring break is a mere week, which is not nearly enough time to head back to New Jersey to visit your high school buddies, let alone fly back to Japan just to spend a day or two there — the rest of your break would be spent on the plane or at the airport. We know how much work it is to plan a trip to Cabo and how much easier it is to sit in bed watching Netflix instead. To those of you out there who fit this description, fear not: We at the Clog have a few suggestions for you. Spring break in Berkeley can be just as fun! While your friends post beach pictures and Snapchat beautiful sights, you will be in this awesome college town, with BART at your disposal and your nifty bus sticker by your side.

Monday: San Francisco 

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We’re almost certain you haven’t seen everything you can of the Bay Area, and that most definitely includes San Francisco. From Pier 39 to the 16th Avenue staircase, San Francisco is filled with gems you haven’t discovered yet. Go get a bread bowl of clam chowder and some chocolate from Ghirardelli Square, and ride that trolley through the city. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make this trip before even coming to UC Berkeley.

Tuesday: Emeryville and Oakland

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What’s on the other side of Berkeley, less heard-of but also super awesome? Oakland and Emeryville, of course! Pixar Animation Studios, Lake Merritt, Fenton’s Creamery and many adorable little shops can be found in these cities — and what’s best: They’re only a bus ride away from Berkeley. Get out of your comfort zone and explore something new in these cities, which are filled with character.

Wednesday: restaurant hopping in Berkeley

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Are you always hearing about Sliver, Jupiter, Saturn and Angeline’s and not knowing what people are talking about? These are all stellar restaurants in Downtown Berkeley that you should definitely hit up in your free time. Spend an entire day nabbing portions of all three meals from popular Downtown restaurants. Not only will you burn off all the calories while walking from diner to diner, but you will also be able to say you’ve been to basically every food place in Berkeley by the end of it. Also, food. Come on.

Thursday: Lawrence Hall of Science and UC Botanical Garden

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It takes a lot of energy and effort to find a bus that takes you to the Lawrence Hall of Science and the UC Botanical Garden; to figure out what time the bus comes and when you need to leave to catch it; to sort out if you’ll be back before your discussion class or study group; and, of course, to give up Netflix for the purpose of nature and science. Spring break is the perfect time because you won’t have many obligations and will have a lot of spare time to go up to the Lawrence Hall of Science, the children’s science museum right next to the UC Botanical Garden. Get in touch with your inner child and enjoy seeing, in real life, the concepts happen that your physics professor somehow makes incredibly boring — with colors and bubbles and simple instructions. Then take a walk through nature and renew your love for the environment.

Friday: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


Finally, bring yourself back to the days of your youth, which were free of midterms and adulthood, and enjoy a day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. This amusement park is located in Vallejo, California, a bit of a trek from Berkeley — but what better time to use that Uber promotional code? Let yourself loose on the last day of break and enjoy the total lack of homework, emails and 8 a.m. classes — replace all of that with cotton candy, snow cones as big as your head, and the best: roller coasters.

No matter what you end up doing, we at the Clog wish those of you still in Berkeley over spring break a wonderful time!

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