More inclusive term to replace “spring admit” descriptor for campus January admits

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In a bid to make the campus more inclusive, the admissions office will no longer use the phrase “spring admits” to refer to incoming freshmen admitted for the spring semester.

The reason for dropping the term “spring admit” hinges on preventing those students who fall under the term from feeling “that their admission was significantly different,” according to Amy Jarich, assistant vice chancellor and director of undergraduate admissions. Certain students are admitted for spring because of a lack of sufficient space for them in the fall.

Jarich said that the “spring admit” label made some students feel disconnected from the main campus because they did not apply for the spring-admission option.

“Most of your life on campus is very similar to someone who is taking their classes on campus,” she said, adding that students in the Fall Program for Freshmen, or FPF — an academic program offered to spring-admission students through UC Berkeley Extension — “lived on campus, went to classes, went to football games.”

In the admissions email sent to spring-admission students, three options are presented to “January start” students for the fall semester: FPF; a semester off to work, travel or take community college classes; or Global Edge, a new study abroad program for freshmen.

“At first, I was a little disappointed because I didn’t get into regular admissions,” said Katrina Uy, a student from Northgate High School in Walnut Creek. “But once I started reading about the Fall Program for Freshmen, I realized it was a good option for me.”

The change has no effect on overall spring-admission numbers or on the separate admission policy and terminology for community college transfers.

“The difference is really what we’re calling it,” Jarich said.

The email about spring 2016 admission, however, did cause some confusion for Lara Volski, a student at Orange County School of the Arts.

“I was really confused at first because the wording was a little off,” Volski said. Upon first reading the email, Volski thought that she had to go to London with the Global Edge program and that spring admission implied she was not “outstanding.”

Now Volski said she is “happy” with the social transition into college provided by FPF, which she refers to as “Berkeley kindergarten.”

Of the students recently admitted for the spring 2016 semester, about 750 will join FPF in August, and about 200 will wait until January 2016 to begin classes on campus, according to Jarich. Global Edge will be a third option for 50 incoming UC Berkeley freshmen.

“We don’t want you to feel like a second choice,” Jarich said. “You are someone I dearly want to come here, but I don’t have a seat for you right now.”

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  • Penguin

    How about calling them Freshmen?

  • GulfPundit

    ““The difference is really what we’re calling it,” Jarich said.”

    We know. That’s why it’s so stupid. You actually make policy based on reported hurt feelings from a handful of callow 18 year old’s? Is this college or Pre-K?

  • How about actually providing better class resources to FPF students and not putting FPF students in “temporary housing” instead of waving your hands around in the air to make things more “inclusive”

  • Deuce Baggins

    No matter what you call it, it is people who were not good enough to make the first cut. It doesn’t really matter, if you are in you are in. Instead of re-naming it, how about offering those students additional counseling. Spring admits generally miss a lot of info and have trouble getting set up in their first semester.

  • Nate Lever

    I don’t understand this. ‘Spring admit’ is not a term that has any inherently negative connotation, unlike “illegal immigrant” for example. Doesn’t changing the term just push whatever connotation is apparently associated with ‘spring admit’ onto ‘january start’? I’m no linguistics expert though.

    • Nate Lever

      also, Daily Cal, why can’t guests upvote comments on disqus anymore? Now there’s less casual mass participation and only the hardcore nutjobs with disqus accounts (guilty :)) decide which comments show most prominently!

      • They’ve veered strongly toward the hardcore player participation of late. Rather ironic if you ask me, considering it’s a newspaper that should espouse free speech.

        • 1kenthomas

          “Free as in speech, not free as in beer.” Think about it, given that so many in Berkeley think and act like speech should free as in beer.

  • Nunya Beeswax

    Oh for God’s sake.

    • 1kenthomas

      I’m missing something. The term “freshman” — long gone at so many other less liberal institutions– is still used, but someone is haggling over “Spring Admit?”
      Oh Berkeley. So much the fan of pointless causes, so often unwilling to touch anything that takes actual effort.