Picks of the Week

tUnE-yArDs, the brainchild of musician Merrill Garbus, sounds about as self-aware as Ted Cruz. The music project’s beats ostensibly cater to those of the perpetually strung-out variety — but also to the twee and the defensively bohemian and the young and merry who siphon energy off the very notion of life itself. As music becomes increasingly homogenized and appropriated, discourse often revolves around its dismal fate. But the new-wave auditory styles that Garbus presents through tUnE-yArDs effectively stray from convention in a manner that is, ultimately, refreshing. Check out “Gangsta” for a radically groovy tune.

— Zoe Kleinfeld


Social anxiety may make you popular, new research shows. According to a new study by Eliane Boucher of Providence College, friends become closer over time if they have similar levels of social phobia. So the next time you are feeling anxious at a party, just remember that it makes you the coolest person there.

— Curan Mehra


Don’t have plans for Easter Sunday? Well, now you do! Head on over to San Francisco and participate in the 15th annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel! The race will start at 4 p.m. at 20th and Vermont streets. There is no age limit, so tap into your childhood dreams of rollin’ through the city in style.

— Nicole White


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