Poem: Black Spanish Coffee

Chaitanya Lall /Staff

Black Spanish coffee

bring lips to cup


itch nose

think of her


smoke like water

from neglected 40-something

Spanish señora

cigarette dims so she

slurps bubbles

itch nose

think of her

40 nails

(two 40-something

Spanish señoras)

painted marmalade


think of her

6:05 AM in California

two weeks past next hour

sipping black Spanish coffee

(hers with cream)

smiles over toast

no marmalade nails.


Angry ash against

café chair

Spanish señora —

¿La cuenta?

third cigarette discarded

bring cup to lips

itch nose


I won’t take

the last sip.

Zackary Kiebach is a staff writer for The Weekender. Contact him at [email protected]

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