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Ron Wired/Creative Commons

How Weird Street Faire 2015 is Sunday in San Francisco. This will be the 16th year that this festival brings weirdos in costume together to enjoy a day of music, art, performances and street vendors. Raise your consciousness with thousands of others from noon to 8 p.m. There is a $20 suggested donation to attend the event. All that is required, however, is for attendees to bring an open mind. And just in case you’re concerned about UFO parking with such a crowd, don’t worry — there is a designated flying saucer landing zone.

— Nicole White


Spring is in the air, and with that I always return to one of my favorite short stories: “The Girls in Their Summer Dresses” by Irwin Shaw. Apparently written in one afternoon, the story draws out a married couple’s afternoon in Manhattan. A bit of dialogue spoken by Michael, the husband, describing what he loves about New York:

“I like the girls in the offices. Neat, with their eyeglasses, smart, chipper, knowing what everything is about. I like the girls on Forty-fourth Street at lunchtime, the actresses, all dressed up on nothing a week. I like the salesgirls in the stores, paying attention to you first because you’re a man, leaving lady customers waiting. I got all this stuff accumulated in me because I’ve been thinking about it for ten years and now you’ve asked for it and here it is.”

— Curan Mehra


My dad has a ‘fro. (“A Jew-‘fro,” I’d be quick to tell you!) The product of ignorant gene recombination, I can — at best — pull off dread-like curls. But the rest of the time, almost all the time, my locks are akin to those of a lion. For me, having spent a considerable bulk of my adolescent/tween/teen era straightening the kinks out of my hair and wishing shaved heads would come into fashion, this article felt like home.

— Zoe Kleinfeld

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