Street Style: High fashion

Week 4-13

Hundreds showed up at Memorial Glade on Monday afternoon to spark up conversations with friends and to share good vibes. Students were wearing everything under the sun, from tie-dye and crazy costumes to cool, unique articles of clothing like kimonos, cacti socks and jellyfish-patterned button-downs.

Gloria Sukamto

Week 4-11

Gloria is elegantly composed in her vibrant scarf, kimono, and flats.


Kristen McDeavitt

Week 4-14

Kristen: “This sweater is from Forever 21, but the day before I bought it I went to the Keith Haring exhibit at the De Young — it was a lucky coincidence.”


Sarah Zou

Week 4-20

Week 4-21

Sarah: “I got this shirt in Berlin at a thrift store. It’s one of my favorite shirts because of that memory.”


Kashmir Kravitz and Alba Sabater

Week 4-18

“Alba (left) layers pendants, and Kashmir is laid back in a velvet button down.”


Fat Blaze

Week 4-23

Self-titled Mr. Blaze, left, wears a dinosaur onesie with other unconventionally dressed friends.


Danielle Zhang

Week 4-25

Danielle’s angelic bell-sleeves are fit for a festival.


Flannery Mays

Week 4-26

Week 4-27

Flannery: “I’ve been photographed for this before, I think.”


Aly Maun and Branden Macor

Week 4-30

Aly’s yellow dress and fanny pack radiate good vibes.


Yoon Jean Nicole Kim and Peter Phan

Week 4-24

Another matching duo found.


Ulises Mireles

Week 4-29

Ulises: “I like psychedelic stuff and animals too. This shirt’s a cool combination of jellyfish and explosion (sic) colors.”




Sarah Goldwasser cover fashion. Contact her at [email protected].