Photo Essay: Geocaching

Joy Lin/Staff

Geocaching is essentially an adult scavenger hunt that takes place worldwide using GPS coordinates. There are a ton of geocaches in the Bay Area — look up coordinates online or download a geocaching app, and you will be on your way in no time! Once you find a geocache container, sign the log and swap items if you wish, but remember to put back the container exactly where you found it. Just be careful that nongeocaching Muggles who pass by don’t get too suspicious! I went to six nearby geocache locations, and here are my findings:



Location 1: Sail Away GC Exchange (N 37º 51.883′ W 122º 19.023′)

Difficulty: 1.5, Terrain: 1.5, Size: S, Find: Yes

This was my first cache! It wasn’t hard to find in Horseshoe Park. and the location offered beautiful views of Berkeley Marina.


Location 2: Rose Steps (N 37º 53.003′ W 122º 15.490′)

Difficulty: 1.5, Terrain: 1.5, Size: XS, Find: No

This staircase connects two residential streets in the Berkeley Hills. Again, this is a cool little location I would not have known about had it not been on the geocaching map.



Location 3: BOBF 1K (N 37º 52.763′ W 122º 18.094′)

Difficulty: 1.5, Terrain: 1.5, Size: XS, Find: Yes

This was an interesting cache next to a restaurant with outdoor seating. A few people were staring at me as I meticulously looked in and out of mailboxes for about 20 minutes.


Location 4: To the Hayward Fault! (N 37º 52.481′ W 122º 15.415′)

Difficulty: 1.5, Terrain: 1.5, Size: XS, Find: No

This cache has a fascinating history behind it. It is at the entrance to the Lawson Adit, an old 260-foot mineshaft located on the UC Berkeley campus. The tunnel once was 900 feet long. It intersected the Hayward Fault, however, and much of it collapsed. The unmarked Lawson Adit is no longer in use and is locked up.


Location 5: Oak Park (N 37º 51.408′ W 122º 14.616′)

Difficulty: 1.5, Terrain: 1.5, Size: S, Find: Yes

The coordinates were slightly off for this cache, but after some searching, I found it nonetheless! The cache was well hidden and very camouflaged.



Location 6: In and Out (N 37º 50.272′ W 122º 18.805′)

Difficulty: 1.0, Terrain: 1.0, Size: S, Find: No

Although I was unable to find this cache, the location was very scenic, and I would have never ventured to the Emeryville Marina on my own.

Nicole White is an associate editor of The Weekender. Contact her at [email protected]