Where should you treat yourself after studying?

Chris Goldberg/Creative Commons

Every semester, we go into dead week with the same elaborately color-coded study schedules and fridges stocked with healthy snacks. We tell ourselves, “This semester is going to be different.” We tell ourselves we aren’t going to eat only Apple Jacks for the next ten days. We tell ourselves we won’t start binge watching the X-Files until after finals. Yet, here we stand, days before an entire semester of hard work will end as we hand in those final papers, projects and examinations, on the verge of total procrastination and immoral levels of snacking. Whether you’re feeling calm and collected or on the verge of a panic attack, whether you’ve been keeping up all semester or haven’t been to class since January, at the end of the day, everything will work out! Or, it won’t…but regardless, you better be well-fed! So get your butt out of the library and treat yourself to some magical munching. Can’t decide where to go? Take this quiz and we’ll decide for you:

  1. clog.food.fossum                                        Where in Berkeley would you most prefer to grab some vittles?
    1. Southside
    2. Northside
    3. Elmwood
    4. Downtown
  2. clog.food.fossum                                   What is your favorite flavor?
    1. Is finger food a flavor ?
    2. Chipotle
    3. Desserts
    4. Flavors that are fresh, organic and raw
  3. Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.17.12 PM                                                         What exactly do you want to put in your body?
    1. Enough food to fill the growing void that was once filled with knowledge
    2. Something cheap and easy
    3. Not much – I’m too jacked on coffee so just enough to tie me over
    4. A beverage of sorts
  4. clog.food.fossum                                              If you weren’t about to take a break to feed, what would you be doing?
    1. To be honest, napping on Memorial Glade
    2. Studying, duh
    3. Taking some much needed “me time” with a mani pedi and sparkly water
    4. Burning off stress with a run on the fire trails
  5. clog.food.fossum                                             How daring do your food quests usually get?
    1. Please, Clog, open my eyes to interesting new flavors!
    2. By “daring” do you mean getting something other than pad thai at Thai Basil… or nah?
    3. People don’t describe me as vanilla for a reason…
    4. I brew my own Kombucha so you could say I’m pretty out there
    1. clog.food.fossumFinFine Ethiopian: Located down Telegraph, stop by FinFine if you’re in the mood to eat some tasty Ethiopian food, or if you’re in the mood for finger food, or if you just want to try something new!
    2. clog.food.fossumUrbann Turbann: The Chipotle of Indian wraps, and conveniently located on Northside for those of us frantically struggling to come out of CS 61A victorious.
    3. clog.food.fossumTara’s Organic Ice Cream: This ice cream is delish, and a perfect treat to tie you over while you’re studying…especially if you find yourself in Elmwood!
    4. clog.food.fossumRaw Energy: Yes, juice is still a thing! Mosey down to this healthy Berkeley juice bar to fuel for finals in the freshest way possible!


Image Sources: Chris Goldberg, Kevin McShane, Norman M, Jeffrey, Mikey Jones, Tambako the Jaguar, D Coetzee, Heath Ashli, chocolategirl64 under Creative Commons

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