New swing at Big C!

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Cynthia Zhou/Courtesy

On a Wednesday night hike to the Big C, we spotted two graduating seniors, Kathleen Keh and Aayush Khurana, struggling with ropes where the old swing used to be. It was only on our way down, with a turkey gobbling in the distance, that we realized they were setting up a new swing.


Khurana, a chemical engineering major, and Keh, a chemical biology major, decided to rebuild the swing because Keh had never gotten to use it before. After doing a Google search to figure out how to build a swing, they made a trip to Home Depot, where they got blue and yellow rope and a complimentary ply-wood board.

After an hour and a half of hard work, perfecting the knots that Google recommended and tying up the swing, the two gave the swing a try, and the view made the time and energy well worth it. 

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